Thursday, August 31, 2017

Top 5 YA books I didn't like

This post is hopefully going to be brief as it will be pretty straightforward. :P
(brought to you by bbq chips and being sick. -bleh-)

But anyway, these books weren't my cup of tea, although they might have been enjoyable/ well written. If you really liked these books, that's amazing, and I'm glad you did. :D

Spoiler Free this time!

The Scorpion Rules by Erin Bow

This book was a big BLAH for me. Nothing seemed to happen, even though the idea and premise was soooo cool. I was very disappointed, and towards the end confused. At the end I was reading just to finish it, not because I wanted to. 

Even worse, I cared nothing for the characters, which is a big bummer. I had no reason to care for them. There were some great scenes and humor, but otherwise, nothing. 

Honestly the only memorable things about this book for me were apple-presses, someone climbing a ladder with two broken arms, and a goat named dips**t. :P 

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard 

DNFed this one. To be fair, I didn't give it much of a chance, as I only got halfway though, but nothing in it really intrigued me to keep going. (and it was due at the library sooo XD)

The story and characters fell flat for me. The plot was very predictable, and the MC wasn't likable. Don't get me started on the love triangle (or diamond?) as I didn't care. 

The storyworld and politics had so much potential but it was lost in the angsty romance and relationships part. And nearly all of the side-characters hated the MC on sight for no reason. It got exhausting, and was a trudge though the plot. Sadly forgettable for me. :( 

The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead

The premise of this story made me pick it up, and after that I was confused. It had a very interesting premise: fantasy world mixed with the gold rush.

This is my fault that I didn't realise it was a romance book until halfway though. XD I really liked the descriptions and the writing style though.

The era was slightly confusing. The first half of the book seemed to be in the Victoria Era, and then the second half does a full 180 and becomes the Gold Rush. Fun but....a little bit more of a warning next time? :P

I did like the settings as they were very relatable, but otherwise, boring and with little tension overall.

The Winner's Curse by Marie Rutkoski  

I reviewed this one here
This one was only half as epic as it looked. Characters were fine, I only truly cared about one, and then I didn't. Sad day.

The brutality, assaults, slave trade, politics and other tension worthy points are all washed out by how painfully slow the book progresses. The scenes that I really didn't want to see (the piano playing and walking though gardens) were there, while the scenes I wanted to see (the battle/ siege) were just brushed over. -cry-

The MC wasn't overly remarkable or memorable. She is apparently really good at strategy, but I never really saw it. Her relationships were very one dimensional, and dragged the story.

Divergent Series by Veronica Roth 

I read this one a long time ago when it was first hyped up, and I was disappointed, and still am. :P Not worth all the excitement for me.

The plotline was generic, the characters were kind of predictable. The MC has superpowers basically....and the superpowers are just...not being one thing? Like every other normal human that doesn't live in this faction-like society?

The writing was very meh-ish to me. I couldn't get into it, and half-way though the first book, I just gave up and skimmed the rest. A lot of things didn't make sense, and there were a few senseless deaths, not the mention the plot twist at the end. The world-building was scarce, and not very interesting, which is a sad day. :|

And that is the end of this post!
Rather vague I know. XD

What are some of your least favorite YA books? Do you disagree or agree with my list?

Anyway, I have to go take some medicine now b/c I am sick, so hope you all have a great rest of your week!
Keep smiling and reading! -Saphira :)

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