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The Late Book Club (Hunter)

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Hello, and welcome to the last and longest post of the month.
-shows off post with glitter- :P

I read this book quite awhile ago (three -four months ish), so I had to refresh myself by reading book reveiws about it to help out my sad memory.
Holy moly, I have mixed feelings about this one, so let's get to it. :D


okay, but this cover is the only thing that made be pick this book up. XD


Book 1 of ?
Genre: Fantasy /sci-fi/ dystopian, all over the place really. 
My Personal Rating: 3 (1/2)/ 5
Age Range: Violent magic, kinda scary descriptions of monsters. Otherwise, a general PG. 
Published Date: 2015
Summary: To Joyeaux Charmand, who has been a Hunter in her tight-knit mountain community since she was a child, every Cit without magic deserves her protection from dangerous Othersiders. Then she is called to Apex City, where the best Hunters are kept to protect the most important people from monsters. Then she uncovers a terrifying conspiracy in the city. There is something much worse than the usual monsters infiltrating Apex. And it may be too late to stop them…

My own thoughts: Honestly, the only thing that kept this from being a five out of five for me was how...YA it felt. Divergent and Hunger Games elements had me sighing. Also SO MUCH DESCRIPTION and backstory that was sucking the life out of me. Now don't get me wrong, I love me some worldbuilding...but I just wanted it to stop. The story didn't start until chapter 3. :/ But seriously, liked this book a lot, really unique stuff that was super interesting. Probably won't be reading the sequel though because there was a lot of potential that didn't happen. 
(OKAY, RANT TIME FOR A SEC: I LOVED THIS BOOK BECAUSE OF ALL THE VARIETY OF THE MONSTERS INVOLVED. THERE WERE TOMMYKNOCKERS AND THEY WERE THE SCARIEST THINGS AND I LOVED IT. Growing up in a very 'old west' type of town with lots of mines and such, Tommyknockers are one of my favorite legends. ^.^ I was soooooo excited when they showed up in the story: I have never read that before. Props to you author -tips hat- ) 

-rant over- 

  • Liked the magic system, really fleshed out for being a dystopian world. Kinda strange, but I can deal with it.  :D 
  • Really cool concept of the world and the apocalyptic conditions. 
  • I thought it was really interesting the way the author portrays christians and non-christians.  
  • Favorite character: The White Knight aka Mark (A christian magician with gryphons named after angels, it was epic and adorable at the same time -actually faints-) 
  • Uh....was there something supposed to be happening between Joy and that other guy? I wasn't getting the vibe...
  • Visits to her Uncle were boring for me (and I LIKE politics) 
  • Literally there was this one nice steward on the train and he made her a meal and she basically ripped his heart out and told him that she didn't want it and basically insulted him for not knowing what she needed. MOST EMOTIONAL PART, because I feel you man. 
  • Waaay too much YA going on. -sigh- Killed it for me. There was even the televised huntings/ rankings and the Dauntless barracks. 
  • "The Chosen One" Joy. She gets a ton of power and becomes top dog too quickly. -blehhh- 

And to the Review! 

Your Official Book Reviewer: Stavi!

(I picked her because her world most resembles a mix between fantasy and dystopian. :P)
  • Stavi/ Stev, is a headstrong princess from a world where swords and guns thrive together, and she has no problem using either; she just prefers the bow. She is involved deeply in the politics of her country, and resists wherever she can -mostly by using cans of water on unsuspecting nobles below. 
Good Afternoon Stavi, I see you've read Hunter. 

Stev - I have, thank you. An entertaining read to pass the days. I might read it again if I get bored. The monsters were all VERY intricately described. At least they weren't vague. I... was a bit confused by how the magic worked, with the 'hounds' and 'purging' and stuff, but I can follow it well. 

Who was your favorite character? 

Stev - Pfft, are you kidding me? Who do I look to you? -raises brow- Of course the fool 'hunter' who was against Joy the entire time, and turned out to be working with the bad-guy, which I'm sure NO ONE saw coming. 
Oops, was that a spoiler. 

Stev - No. My favorite character was Joy's hound Bya. 
A dog? 
Stev - You have a problem? 
-sees that this is going down like Mo is in the house and quickly moves on to avoid face-palming- 

What about the Protagonist, Joy? 

Stev - She was supposed to be sixteen. -gestures at air- How? I get why she is a magical prodigy and all, but really? She defeated one of those 'folk' things, which was supposed to be SUPER powerful. AND she has the most hounds out of everyone. She did have an interesting thought process though. -shrugs- Can't say much else. She took pain pretty well and realistically.

What about the plot? 

Stev - -slumps- THE LONGEST TRAIN RIDE evvverrrrr. It picks up a bit after that, but I almost put the book down! Almost DNFed the entire thing because of this five chapter ride filled with backstory and crap. The rest was good -a plot about a group of Hunters who go out with their 'hounds' from a portal to kill beasts of myth and to keep them from destroying civilization.
-leans back- Honestly, I would have just let the Civilians die. They thought the entire thing was simply for entertainment. How dumb right?
Oh dear, what was the rest about? Some sort of evil plot the government or something? -shrugs- It lost me.

Anything else? 

Stev - Pretty good book over all. Monsters and dragons and stuff. -nods-

  • Prose was great. 
  • Worldbuilding great
  • Backstory too much 
  • I want a 'Hound' badly.
  • No map 
  • I don't understand why, or how the magic suddenly came about. 
  • Never cried at anything. 
  • I did laugh though. 
  • THE WHITE KNIGHT GOT HER APPLE JUICE. I wish to marry this man. At least he would be better than anybody else thrown at me. 
An honest five out of five stars for me. -nods again- 

Stev - Why do you have problems with me? 
I'm just confused. 
Stev - Most people are. 

So that was my review!! 
Final score: 3 out of 5. 
I really enjoyed this book, but not enough to be interested in reading the sequel. :P 
There were a lot of elements introduced, and the author expounded on a lot of them, but some interesting ones she left out, which was a bit disappointing for me. :|
Otherwise...great stuff. ^.^
Highly recommended if you enjoy these types of YA/ dystopian books.

Clicky click to read more about Hunter for yourself, or if you have already read it, tell me about it in the comments!
I'd love to hear your feedback and take on the book. :D

Don't forget about this Month's blog before it turns October. ahhhhhhhhhh: Summer Snowflakes 

You guys stay awesome, keep reading, and hit me up with anything you want to talk about.
Thanks for sticking with me, and have an awesome rest of your week/weekend! -Sam :D 

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