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Remembering There and Back Again #2

Let's cut right to the chase this time. (previous post explaining what I'm doing here
Forward my brave knights!!

 there are so many posters for this movie it's not even funny.

Favorite Character of An Unexpected Journey
I'm going to have to say Bilbo. ^.^

Favorite Actor
Does Andy Serkis count? Because his performance is spot on.

Favorite Actress
Cate Blanchett.

Favorite Quote
It's just the usual; summary of out-of-pocket expenses, time required, remuneration, funeral arrangements, so forth. -Balin

Funeral arrangements?- Bilbo

Favorite Soundtrack
The one where Thorin is going to attack Azog. Gold. 

Favorite Friendship 
Dwalin and Balin. And If I had to choose a second: Gandalf and Bilbo. ^.^ 

Favorite Costume
I'm a huge fan of this one: 

credit -fabulous- 
Favorite Weapon
Oakenshield. Unless that isn't' classified as a weapon. Then I would say Dwalin's war hammer. :D But still: Oakenshield is great. 

Favorite Minor Character
Gollum. Call me sick and twisted, he is one of my favorites. XD 

Favorite Scene
I actually have a lot of these. My favorite would have to be the Dwarves straight up invading Bilbo's house. And then the singing afterwards. Just chills. 

Favorite Screenshot
Awww, do I have to pick one? XD

guys, I think I like Thorin. XD

Favorite Location
Hobbiton. ^.^

Did you cry?
Yes. A little. but at the end when Thorin hugs Bilbo. -wipes away tear-

Did you dress up as anything?
No, not really. 

Did you watch it in a theater?
No, at least I don't think so. XD It was so long ago. Pretty sure we just watched it with a freind after it came out on DVD. 

What are your personal thoughts on the movie? 
In my opinion, I like DOS a little bit more, but this is definitely high on my list of favorite movies. It stayed true to the book's plotline, and the characters were amazing. ^.^ Thorin was my favorite in the book anyway, but I grew to like him even more in the movie. Bilbo is the best, as well as Gandalf and others. ^.^ Azog felt a bit theatrical and unnecessary, and was supposed to have died (I think?) way before this, but he added a bit more to the story and urgency, which was good. Overall 7 out of 10 stars. :D 

And that's it for An Unexpected Journey! 

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