Saturday, October 24, 2015

Writing Prompts (for November)

Soo, lots of people, and some people that I know, are doing the NaNoWriMo writing challenge thing in November. Which is in like 7 days.
Yikes. 0.0
I have never done NaNo before, (maybe someday I'll do it), but for now I'm just going to post about it. XD

For me, with starting anything, I have to get inspired, so this is going to be a writing prompt post for all my lovely writing friends who are going to go though one month of writing (and also to those who aren't) The best of luck to you all!

To start: Music 

    .The Wolf and the Moon by BrunuhVille (epic fantasy music, with a bit of celtic music thrown in.) 
    .The Chase by Tartalo Music (Also epic celtic stuff. Seriously what is with me and the celts?) 
    .Dragonland (sun) by Thomas Bergersen (Dramatic music) 

    . And can I ever say this enough: Noise Generators These are the best for doing anything.


  .Avani - M -Indian- Means 'Earth' 

 .Namid - F- Chippewa -Means "star dancing" 

And a few prompts: 

   .Do monsters make war? Or does war make monsters? 

   ."Don't worry, I'm right behind you...using you as a shield." 

   .People with stronger friendships have the ability to communicate strictly through facial expressions. 
   . A world where tattoos appear on people after a critical point in their lives. What do they mean? 
   .The USA interstate highways system requires that one mile out of every five should be straight. These straight sections serve as  airstrips in times of war and other emergencies.

Also a few of my writing boards with picture prompts. Feel free to pin anything you want :)
   .Twenty and Four
   .For my Stories/ Novels


And that is it for now! 
Let me know if this was helpful, and/or if you would like to see more of these for the month of November! I'd love to get feedback! 

Also, this month's featured blog is  The Warrior and the Writer.

Have an amazing weekend everyone. 
Keep smiling! -Saphira


  1. Audomachine has really goo music too! I like BrunuhVille music...especially Emotional Music:)

  2. So true, yes! I love music for anything! Audiomachine has got some really great ones. :D


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