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Chapter 13 (Part One)

Hey all, this is pretty much the last chapter of this fanfic (-sad-), but I have broken it up into two parts (mayhap more) so you don't have to read all of its extensiveness.

I'll probably have another post for you all over this weekend, which I am super excited about, so stay tuned for that. :)

And, that's about it! Enjoy the fanfic if you want to read it, and have an awesome rest of your week. :D -Saphira

Last chapter: Thorin recovers from his wounded arm by staying with Dwalin. The Elven King, Thranduil is soon to arrive at Erebor, but Thorin is unable to get into the mountain. Thorin and Dwalin then run into Mayfi, a guard of Erebor who will be able to sneak them into the throne room. 

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Why Do You Fight?


I caught Mayfi’s sleeve as she passed me, making her look behind to glance up at me. I quickly released her arm, “It has been a while Mayfi.” I tried making myself sound casual, but even I could hear the strain in my voice.

Her green eyes widened as she recognised me, and her breath caught, “Thorin?” she breathed, obviously out of shock.

I shushed her, before motioning her closer to me. Dwalin looked over my shoulder, “You two are familiars?”

We both ignored him.

Mayfi looked me over, wide eyed before whispering, “They thought you were dead.”

“Keep it that way.” I said quietly, “No one must know of my whereabouts.”

Mayfi bit her lip, glancing around the tavern, “Norain told us you were killed trying to escape assassins.”

I could almost hear Dwalin frown behind me. He was listening to the best of his ability. I wasn’t sure if I should keep my real identity from him any longer. I had tried to remain ambiguous, thinking that if I told him the truth, he would laugh.

She looked up at me, “And what about the others? Are they alright?”

“Fine. As far as my knowledge goes.” I reassured, “They should be taking refuge in the Iron Hills.”

She tilted her head, “Should be?”

I fingered my grog of ale, “I didn’t go with them.”

“Well, apparently, since you are still here.” she gestured to me, and I managed a smile.

Mayfi humphed, and her lips curved up in slight amusement. But when she looked up at me again, her smile faded, “Why are you here?”

I nodded. Now we were getting somewhere.

“The Elven King is arriving on the morrow. Both Thrain and Thror are gone. I need to get into Erebor.” I stated as simply as I could.

Her eyes widened, “And you need me to sneak you up there?”

“Can you do it?”

She glanced down at her hands, “My shift ends at midnight.”

“I can wait.”

Mayfi twisted her lip, then glanced up at me. She grinned, “What’s in it for me?”

I shook my head, knowing that she was trying to pull my strings, “I’ll arrange a few nights off for your shift if you wish.”

I knew that she could arrange that herself, but offering never hurt.

Mayfi shrugged, “Good enough for me.” she took a breath, “But don’t think for a second that I am not glad that you are alive.”

Someone over the counter called her name, and she gave me a brief smile before turning to the counter and walking over to where her beckoner stood.

I took a deep breath, feeling the knot inside me begin to unravel. Dwalin took a swig of his ale beside me, “You know lad, you accumulate more questions than I can answer.”

“You shall get your answers in time.” I answered him.

He huffed, “They best be good ones.”

Midnight was a long time away.

Mayfi made sure we were well supplied with ale and even gave us a lavish meal that was a Tavern favorite. Dwalin did not question as to why she was bestowing us with free food, but I could tell that he wanted to ask.

I must have dozed off once or twice in the warmth of the tavern, but Dwalin made sure that I stayed mostly awake.

The pitch darkness outside contrasted with the lit interior of the fire of the tavern. As it got later, more and more dwarves meandered outside to go home.

I was just about to fall asleep, when the Tavern closed down, and the barmaids moved us outside to close up shop.

Once we had waited for around a half hour, Mayfi exited the tavern, looking tired, but she smiled when she caught sight of us.

“Let’s go.”

Dwalin made sure the ponies got back safely to the stables before we headed up to the mountain. It was dark, with no other light besides the lantern I had managed to scrounge up from the stable.

I introduced Mayfi to Dwalin as we walked out of the city, and up the lonely road towards the mountain. They seemed to like each other. Which was much better than hating.

My arm throbbed as we walked. It was cold, but not overly so. Dwalin wore his thick fur coat, that shielded me from most of the wind that came down the valley. Mayfi hoisted a bag onto her shoulder, while donning a dark cloak, courtesy of the guard.

Although women were rarely made guards, Mayfi was an exception. Frerin made sure of that, by giving her the title.

I would never have thought that I would be silently thanking him for doing it.

As we neared the gate, we spotted the guards around the top of the gate, lit only by the fire pots. The road leading up to it was as we had seen it before, with many guards before the entrance. Fires had sprung up at the approach of night, and the dwarves gathered around them for warmth.

I lifted my lantern higher as we strode up. The first guard saw us, and motioned to the rest of his comrades.

Lighting torches, and keeping hands on their weapons, they stopped us, “Halt, who goes?”

Mayfi stepped up, “Mayfi, Alsia’s Daughter.“

The first guard lifted his torch to observe her face. Mayfi placed her hands on her hips.

She frowned, “Really Norian?”

He sighed as he lowered the torch, “It’s my job Mayfi, as you well know.”

Even though it was too dark to be sure, I recognised Norain, the Captain of the Guard before us.

He gestured at me and Dwalin, “And your friends?”

She shifted her pack, “Dwalin, and Prince Thorin.”

Norain started, before glancing over at us and lifting the torch before us to glimpse our faces. His eyes widened, and he almost dropped the torch as he recognised me.

He cursed in Dwarfish before clamping a hand over his mouth and taking a step back, “My apologies Liege.” he bowed, unable to take his gaze from me, “I...was unaware that you...were still alive.”

Mayfi looked back at me smugly before I stepped forward, “All we seek is admittance to Erebor.”

He rose, “Of course, please.” he started for the gates.

I took a step to follow him, but was stopped by Dwalin grabbing my shoulder. I looked back at his bewildered face, “You can’t be serious.”

“I’m afraid he is.” Mayfi responded for me, “Not that it matters if he’s not.”

Dwalin examined my face, as if expecting me to burst into laughter at any moment, telling him that I was just jesting with him.

I took a breath, “I’ll explain once we’re in.”

He hesitantly let go of my shoulder, still looking at me with a strained expression.

“If you wish to leave us now, you can do so. I am grateful for all the help you have given us this far.”  I added. Although I did not want to part with Dwalin, he might have obligations he might have to attend to.

The taller dwarf let out a breath, “I have nowhere else to be.” he stepped forward, conveying his intentions to go on with us.

I managed a brief grin, then continued on after Norian. Mayfi fell in after me, and Dwalin after her. Norain nodded at us, “This way.”

He lead us straight through the guard’s camps up to the main gate. Everyone stopped to look at us, but then paid no further heed. I noticed a few dwarves nod to Mayfi as she passed.

Only a few recognised me. Whispers of my name began to fly around the small encampments. More attention began to be paid in my direction.

As we reached the gate, a group of dwarves, dressed in the dark dwarven guard uniform, stopped Norain, “Who do you bring?”

“It is of no concern to you.” Norain seemed surprised at the resistance, “I will pass.”

The dwarf who had stopped him, paused to look over at me, “The Prince?”

I shifted, surprised that he had recognised me so quickly. Norain stiffened, “Aye.”

The Dwarf glanced over his shoulder at his group. They immediately parted to let us by. Norain squared his shoulders, then looked over at me, “Come then.”

He started for the gate, and I stepped to follow.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a guard unsheath his sword slightly, the metal gleaming in the fire light. But he seemed not to be looking at us, and quickly resheathed it.

I frowned.

Before a second could pass, there was a loud whizz by my ear, then Mayfi shouting behind me, “GET DOWN!”

I felt her shove me hard, and I collapsed to the stones of the gate, rolling to break my fall. I winced, as my shoulder stung with pain, but quickly heaved myself up on my elbows.

Mayfi had dropped her pack, and retrieved a bow and an arrow from it, pointing it at a guard, who wielded a similar bow. I whipped around to see that all the guards that had tried to stop Norian, now held bows at the ready, all pointed at us.

My heartbeat suddenly skyrocketed as realisation hit me.

The Bloodhelm.

There was a strained pause as the entire camp looked to see what the commotion was about. Mayfi stood over me, her bow drawn, and her face expressionless.

Dwalin unsheathed a dagger from his belt. Norain quickly drew a sword, “What is the meaning of all this?” he asked.

No one replied. If not for the crackling of the fire, there would have been no noise. I dared not move from my position on the ground.

Suddenly, a guard lifted his bow towards me, but Mayfi saw him. With a loud thwack, she sent her arrow flying towards him, and hit him in the shoulder.

He fell with a cry of pain.

That was the last straw.

All the guards around me sprang into action, drawing swords and bows to protect us from the Bloodhelm’s men. In defence, the Bloodhelm turned and shot at the soldiers.

The camp erupted into noise, with shouts of surprise, yelling orders, and the clang of steel on steel. Mayfi expertly finished another arrow from her bow, and knocking it, bent down so I could hear her, “Make for the gate.”

I scrambled to my feet, even as a stray arrow pierced the ground where I had lain. I glimpsed Dwalin though the fray, knocking fully armed dwarves to the ground with just his fist, and defending himself with only a dagger.

I felt helpless, with no weapons to speak of. Looking around for something, I spotted a rack of swords set up by a fire. Dashing over, I grabbed one, then returned to the group to look for potential attackers.

I could feel my ear throbbing, and realised that the first arrow fired must have grazed it.

Norian though engaging the dwarf who had stopped us in the first place, glanced back at me, “Get in, go!” he ordered.

Without further delay, I sprinted for the gates, only to be stopped by a Bloodhelm, cutting off my route. Fortunately, this one was armed with only a blade, and not a bow.  

I swept up to defend myself, and caught his sword on mine. Forcing it aside, I tried to get him to circle so I could rush for the doors.

But he gave me no ground, only forcing me backwards with his harsh blows. Grimacing, I fought him off, finally disarming him with a blow close to the hilt. Smashing the flat of my weapon into his face for good measure, I leapt over him as he fell.

Opening the doors, I had no time to revel in the beauty of the mountain once again. A few guards lingered inside the doors, oblivious to the fighting going on just outside the gate.

I stumbled to catch my breath as they all looked to me, some unsheathing their swords.

“Out.” I urged them, “Norain needs you.”

Now that the door had opened, and the sound of battle reached their ears, they started into action, a few rushing past me, they exited the threshold and out into the night.

More followed, and soon almost the entirety of the interior guard had assembled outside.

After catching my breath, I followed them, only to find that the fighting had ceased. The interior guards parted for me as I stepped up.

Norain’s troops had overwhelmed the Bloodhelm, and now the Captain was having his men round up the opposition.

He forced them to their knees in a line before the gates, having two of his guards for every dwarf. Mayfi stood in front of one, holding a black arrow to his neck. Dwalin had vanished off to the side, but I still made him out in the crowd.

There were twelve of the Bloodhelm, and all of them looked exhausted. Norain tipped off the helmet of the leader, revealing him to have a short brown beard, and hair tied up into a knot.

“Who are you?” Norain bellowed, making a few of the Bloohelm shiver. The Captain was angry. Angry that his loyal guards had been betraying him.

Everyone waited for his answer.

At first, none came, but Norain knelt down and placed a dagger on his collarbone, “I will have no problem killing you.”

The leader licked his lips, looking at the ground, “Bregon.”

Norain straightened, “Why is it that you attacked the Prince, when given no motive to do so, and after swearing your allegiance to his line?”

The leader didn’t move, “I had no choice sir.”

Norain snarled, smacking Bregon hard in the side of his head. The dwarf clenched his teeth, but let out no sound.

Norain turned to the next dwarf kneeling before him, “And you mongrel. What’s your name?”

“Orik.” The dwarf rasped out.

The Captain crossed his arms in front of his chest, “I don’t care where any of you came from. I have full right to kill you here and now, and I have twelve of the best archers to do so.”

Mayfi glanced at him for a moment, before returning her gaze to her prisoner.

I stepped forward, “Captain.” he turned, “They don’t need judgement tonight. Have your men lock them up.”

Norain bowed, “As you wish.” he then turned to his guards, “Up!” he yelled.

The guards prodded their prisoners to rise, then filed them into a row to march into the mountain. Everyone watched as they were herded in, silent.

I saw Bregon glance at me, then look away. I frowned. Dwalin walked up to me, then stood beside me.

Mayfi handed her prisoner over to two guards, then sheathing her arrow, strode over, “Well. A good way to end the night as I ever saw it.”

Norain turned to me as the last dwarves filed into Erebor, “I’m terribly sorry my liege. I swear to you that I will never have such a thing happen again.”

I nodded, “I know.” Taking a deep breath, I shifted the sword in my hand, then gave it hilt first to Norain, “Can you take us to Menetos?”

He nodded, accepting the sword, “It would be my pleasure.”

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