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Cookie Crisis Part Three

Sorry I haven't posted in a looooooong time guys. I was busy with things and such.
So, today I'm going to dump some fanfic on you because I will be gone for a week, and will not be posting until later.
-so sad-

Anyway, this is the part where you get to meet my favorite MC: Saphira! Yay yay yay!
So here you go everyone! Enjoy, and have an awesome week!
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I set my alarm earlier and earlier each morning to prepare for having to get up at two thirty in the morning on Christmas.
Within the last few months, I had grown a bit, but not enough to accommodate all the upcoming sweets to be consumed. So, I made a backup plan.
Master and I had a deal. I would eat the cookies while he would chug the milk. Then he would help me eat any cookies he could fit into his stomach. We would then shove all the cookies we couldn’t eat into baggies and throw our lot in with the senators.
While the younglings still slept, we would drop them off at the Galactic Senate and have everyone there eat them.
There was an unspoken pact with all the Jedi that no one could help the santa. It was a trial in and of itself. But I was ready.
It would be easy.

Or so I thought.

It was Christmas Eve and I was hungry.
I was hungry because I was saving room for cookies.
And let me tell you before you go any further in your life, there is nothing more terrifying than helping plan your own demise. And being obligated to do it, well, there is just no greater horror.
I had to help a youngling named Cam decorate his cookies. I tried to keep the icing and sprinkles to a minimum, knowing I would have to be eating this later, but Cam was an excitable little being. Of course he had to have all the icing and all the toppings possible. I got a sinking feeling in my stomach just looking at his three, well decorated cookies.
He finished putting his candies in a smily face on his last cookie before placing his hands on his hips, “There, they all ready.”
I then helped him pour his milk into the cup given. In a sympathetic move towards Obi-wan, I made sure it wasn’t as much. Cam then grabbed his plate of cookies, and walking over, placed it on the long table filled with other youngling’s plates. The table reached all the way to the kitchen where Master Ti had made all the cookies for the younglings to decorate.
Satisfied with his work, Cam thanked me for helping him before prancing away to get ready to sleep.
Blinking at the lines of cookies parading menacingly into the kitchen, I turned around to see if any other younglings needed help.
I froze.
There it was.
The biggest cookie I had ever seen.
It was at least a foot thick, with two inches of icing on top. The sprinkles covered everything. My mouth dropped.
I was supposed to eat that? It came almost up to my knee. How on the barren plains of Tatooine was I going to even attempt to consume that? It probably wouldn’t even fit in the garbage disposal. I might have to call a service.
Swallowing, I walked over to the youngling in front of it, who was pouring her milk into a cup. She put the liquid down next to the cookie -- could it even be classified as a cookie at this point? -- and sat back to look at it.
The milk looked puny compared to it.
The youngling turned around and saw me. I recognized her as Saphira, the youngling that talked way too much for a two year old. She had curly brown hair, bright green eyes, and could already speak fluent basic.
She squealed, “ANI! You see my cookie? I bet Santa can’t eat that.”
“I bet he can’t.” I tried to smile optimistically at her, while keeping my tone at least slightly undepressed. I hoisted her down from her chair.
Once on the ground, she hugged my knee, “Thanks Ani. See you tomorrow!” she grinned, then trotted away happily. I gazed after her, then glanced back up at her giant cookie thing.
Shuddering, I moved on to see if any one else needed help. Most of the younglings were already asleep, except for three others. Two I recognized as Kadda and Jadis. Kadda, the shy, green twi'lek, and Jadis, the girl with black hair and purple eyes.
I walked up to their table where Jadis had already finished with her plate, and was now helping Kadda.
They both glanced up as I approached, “Hi.” Jadis said.
She turned to help Kadda put a small green candy on her last cookie. Kadda looked at her cookie, then stuck it in her mouth.
“No, no Kadda. That cookie is for Santa.” Jadis chided.
The Twi’lek ignored her and continued to eat. I was inwardly cheering Kadda on for helping me at least eat one cookie. It was a strange relief.
Jadis sighed. She looked at me, “Hi Ani.” she then lifted her arms up, “Down.”

I lifted her out of her high seat and onto the ground. She then patiently waited for me to help Kadda out.
Once Kadda saw that Jadis was on the ground, she eagerly accepted me taking her out of her chair as well. However, once in my arms, she would not get out, going all koala bear on me and clinging desperately to my arm.
I finally decided to carry her all the way to her room, not wanting to have to deal with a crying Twi'lek. Taking Jadis's hand, I walked them to the turbo-lift down that hall that would take them to the youngling's quarters.
It was a silent ride up to the level. Kadda found amusement in pulling on my padawan braid and murmuring in Twi'lek, while Jadis just looked up at the numbers of the turbolift to count the levels.
We finally got up to the right level. Coruscant shone through the windows, almost lighting up everything, so there didn't seem to be a need for the lights in the hall.
Getting to their rooms, I made sure they both got in the jammies and brushed their teeth, and in Jadis's case, brushed hair before tucking them in.
All during the process, we could hear Saphira screaming down the hall, "Santa's coming!"
Kadda instantly fell asleep the moment her lekku hit the pillow, but Jadis took the time to give me two hugs, one for me and one for "Master Keobi".
I left them with the door cracked a bit, as Master Ti would come in later to check on them.
Making my way back to my room was uneventful as could be imagined.
However, I did Meet Master in the hall, and accordingly gave him a huge glomp, which he did not appreciate until I told him it was from Jadis.
Going to my room, I collapsed on my bed as soon as I got in, shoving aside a few droid parts on top of the covers. I sighed as I closed my eyes, calculating the time when I would have to get up.
I have five hours to sleep.
Then go to sleep you dummy.
So I did.

Quick shout out to my sisters +Hannah Tattershall and +Maya Tattershall  for letting me use their characters, Jadis and Kadda.
Also shout out to my brother for letting me use Cam. :D


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