Sunday, May 24, 2015

Best Blogging Buddy Award!

Hewo everyone!
Today, I'm going to do the Best Blogging Buddy Award, given to me by Momo! Danke so much! :D -hugs-

Rules for such an award:

  • You must post, or show your award on your main blog. 
  • You must tag the person who nominated you in your post (And you have to take the cute owl thing above with you. :D) 
  • You must nominate your all best buddies, and those who whom you want to become best buddies with, who, to your knowledge, have not been nominated for this award. 
  • You must ask your buddies at least 15 questions in your post. 
  • You must answer all the questions your buddies asked you on your post. 

So, that is pretty much it. (Sadness because some of my best buddies don't have blogs. D: ) 

Again, thank you so much Momo! ^.^ And to everyone else, go check out her blog right now, and read her own post.---> My Own Little World

Andddddd..these are the questions she asked me: 

Candy or chocolate?: Definitely candy. 

If you were to travel abroad, what would be your reason?: Umm, probably to just go have an adventure, or see the sights. ^.^ 

What is your favorite genre of music?:  I'm not sure, it changes with my mood. Right now, I'm listening to country. XD But, I would have to say that my favorite genre of all time would be soundtrack. 

What is your favorite season? Why?: Winter. There are less bugs, and more snow. 

Who is your favorite character? (The person can be from a movie, book, TV series, your novel, etc.),: Ohhh gersh. I have no idea. XD This also changes with my mood sometimes, and often depends on whether said character is dead or not. Right at this very moment, my favorite would have to be Anakin Skywalker from the Clone Wars. -shrugs- 

What was your favorite item as a child?: I used to have a blanket that I took with me everywhere. It's shredded to pieces now, but it used to be my all time favorite thing. XP 

What kind of food have you always wanted to try?: Well, up until a few weeks ago, it was a cheese danish, but then I had one, so now, I don't know. :/ Probably Sushi. Just to see... 

You are forced to lose a sense. Which one would you decide to lose?: Ohhh, this is a good one. Probably the ability to smell. Even though I like smelling things, It would be the least important, at least to me. XP

What is your favorite natural phenomenon?: Fog. I just love it, even though it can be hazardous traveling wise. :P

Do you have a favorite artist? If so, who?: A favorite music artist of mine would be Hans Zimmer. And with drawing/art, its a tie between +Momo Q  and +Maya Tattershall. XD 

What is your favorite movie?: Noooooooooooooooooooo!! Why do you make this so hard Momo? XD My current favorite movie would be Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. 

What is your favorite genre to read?: I really like Fantasy, but Historical Fiction is a close second. 

What activity have you always wanted to try?: Fly a starship. Either that, or play a harp. 

You get to strengthen a sense. Which one would you want to strengthen?: Hearing

Do you have a book that you would like adapted into a film? If so, what is it? (P.S. The film would be very accurate, haha).: I would love a good remake of Eragon.XD But, if it had to be a first, probably my own novel. XP (Wow) 

And, that is it for my questions. And for my nominees, I nominate these guys: 

Hope Oakenshield, Hope E., and Grace Oakenshield from Stitches of Freedom

And a few buddies that do not have blogs, but maybe if they do get them, they can have this award. ^.^ 

+Maddie Salazar

And, your questions: 

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

What is one thing that you have always wanted to do, but haven't got the time?

What is one of your favorite quotes? 

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? 

You are making a movie/TV show, what is it about? 

If you were going blind, what would be the last thing you would want to see?

What would you want to be famous for? 

Do you have a birthmark, or scars anywhere? 

What is a strong memory that has stuck with you since childhood? 

Which talent would you most like to have?

You can only have your hair one length for the rest of your life. What length would you like it to be at? 

What is your favorite fruit? 

If you got to choose what color of skin you could have, what color would it be? (It could even be green, or purple.) 

Cats or Dogs?

Who is your favorite hero of Fiction? 

And, that is all! Thanks for taking the time to read, and don't forget to check out everyone's blogs! 

I might also do a writing post later today, since this post is already very long, and I don't want to add to it any further. XD  

Have an amazing Sunday you guys! -Saphira 


  1. You are the best, dear. :D
    1) ultimately I'd have to say chocolate. Oops.
    2) Learn another language, like French (even if I'm learnIng Khuzdul right now!) and learn to play the guitar.
    3) The quotes from the ending of the Hobbit, Thorin's final words in the book. "If the world valued song and cheer over hoarded gold, this world would be a merrier place indeed." Amen, Thorin.
    4)Be able to pull off short hair. XD
    5) I'm the one that really............. Really................ Wants a silmarillion adaption....... I'd be making that..... With someone really hot as Maedhros.........
    6) to finally get to see you, Mygee, and Bein in person :D
    7) Being a published author with a big fan base.
    8) A birthmark on my right toe and a scar from a backpack zipped on my thumb (I know, lame.)
    9) Blacklight golfing with my friend Sam (-ehehe-) when I was like four. It's always stuck.
    10) Photographic memory, dude.
    11) Pixie cut or butt length and there's no in between.
    12) Strawberries!!!
    13) Metamorphic skin, that'd be awesome.
    15) Bilbo. He is my favorite and I love him muchly. I like to think we'd be best of friends.

    1. -hugs- Thank you! Those answers are amazing! ^,^

  2. Ahh! I love all your answers. So clever and very intriguing. That one about the sense, though. Ever since I saw your answer I haven't stopped thinking about how it would be without smell. :D Flying a starship? Now that would be exciting. :)

  3. SOUNDTRACK!!! HANS ZIMMER!!! YESSSSS!!! Have you listened to Creation Choral by Hans Zimmer? It's sooooooooooooooooo A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!! :)

    1. Yesh, I know! He's one of the best. :D I just looked it up, it is amazing!!!!


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