Monday, April 6, 2015

Writing Prompt Day!

Yay! Here's a little post to keep this blog going. ^.^ Most of the people who follow this blog (Or at least the ones I know of) are writers, so I decided to make a post to keep their creative juices flowing. As well as myself. I'm on a horrible inspiration low right now. :/
I'll be doing these every once in awhile, so keep your eyes open for those.
If you guys want a post like this every week or so, you can comment below and ask for one per week. But for now, this will be just a random post thingie.

{Also, quick update: It was my birthday yesterday (Yay, weekend and Easter birthday!) and now I'm 18. Gah, I feel so old. :P And also, how old is this blog? like, 3 years almost? wow, it's been awhile guys, thanks for sticking with me. :D }

First, I wanted to show you thing I drew. Okay, I didn't actually draw it, I painted it online, but I just think it's so cool.
Keep reading once your eyes stop burning. XD
Cruiser Crusher: The Malevolence from S1 E2 of Star Wars the Clone Wars

For some reason, it won't show up high quality, but it still looks okay to me. :) If you haven't seen the TV show The Clone Wars, it's alright, just ignore me. For those who have: THIS EPISODE ROCKS. (Agree? Disagree?) 

Anyway, here are some things that help get my creation process going that I think would be helpful to all my buddies out there:

First up: Music:

   .Colors of Love (Thomas Bergersen). This is pretty, moderate music. You would probably listen to this on a long car ride, or writing a traveling/moving scene. There is that sense of going somewhere, or dancing. Not too intense, and soft enough to be on my moderate list. It's 6 minutes long, so if you need something to listen to, just click the link above. ^.^

   . And also, this sound generator. This really helps me a lot. Jungle Noise Generator.

Interesting facts: 

   .All Humans have the ability to see ultraviolet light, but it is passively filtered out through the eye's lens. Some people have done surgery to remove the lens, and can detect ultraviolet light.

   .Real Diamonds don't show up on an X-ray.

   .There is a device that can permanently replace your heart. The side effect is- you won't have a pulse.

   .Animals, such as whales and toads, can naturally explode.

   .A group of deer is called a mob, and a group of doves is called a piteousness.

(Any story ideas coming to mind?) 


Hey, sometimes certain names strike a bell, and you want to name a character. Or a plant. I don't know. XP

Boy: Dorian (Greek) -From the Sea. (Dori from the Hobbit anyone? XD) 

Girl: Hadley (English) - From Hadda's field. (I really like this one. ^.^) 


   .If the World was flat, what would be on the other side? 

   ."Wake me up when it becomes critical." 

   . "You ready?" "To jump on a toaster? Remind me again why you dragged me into this."

   . Write about a character who only has one emotion. 


   .If you want to proofread your story without reading it aloud, just copy and paste the writing into google translate. You'll be able to hear the mistakes or spelling errors, as well as seeing them. 


Your physical health is just as needed as your mental health to write. ^.^ (At least I find it to be true.) 

   .Take a walk outside. I find this is the easiest way to stimulate my creative juices and keep my mind going. This not only works for writing, but school and office work as well. Even if you just do a lap in your neighborhood, it really works wonders. :P


Sometimes certain words can spark some imagination. Just a list of cool words. ^.^

   . Jayus.  Indonesian. meaning: a joke so horrible, you can't help but laugh at it
   . Culaccino. Italian. meaning: a mark left on the table after a cold glass is removed. 

And some less unique ones, but they still sound and look cool. (Plus, I'm a nerd so....)
   . Bares-tar.  Quinlat (Dragon Age). meaning: shield.
   . Jujuminmee. Hutteese (Star Wars). meaning: To kidnap. 

(Have you guys ever thought about making up a language, or have already made up one for a fictional world? It's so much fun! And creativity sparking as well. :D)


And that's it! Tell me if it was helpful, or if there is anything you would want to add. Is there anything I missed, or anything that is unnecessary? Comment bellow. 

Really, I need the accountability. PLUS I love hearing from you all! XP

Have a great week! Keep smiling. -Saphira 


  1. Inspiration overload! Thanks, Sam! I want to wish you a happy birthday, too! Now I'll be prepared for next year...hehe. That's a really cool picture you did digitally. It's so hard doing digital, but you seem to have it under control! Nice job! Well, thanks for the inspiration, I hope you get inspiration high soon!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you think so. ^.^ Hehe, I hope to get one as well.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you had a great day! :D
    Great post Saphira! Thanks for all the inspiration and writing prompts. :D


    1. Aw, thanks. :)
      I hope you can use them! thanks for reading!


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