Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Writing Goals #3


I am terrible at description so I must write a blog post to remind myself about how to use it.

-deep breath-

Description is in everything.


Sometimes we don't know it, but it is there.

And that is why it it vital for writing.

Because without description, my character is standing in blank nothingness with no face and a bland voice.


So naturally, I don't want that happening.

So I add a few palm trees, give the character a face, call him Bob and give him a high-pitched voice.


My story is complete.

I have a super awesome plot, and have a definite ending spot and a max words of 10,000!

What could go wrong! moment Bob, I think you forgot one of the main elements of storytelling.

What's that?


It makes my story come alive
Makes it relatable
Makes me like the characters
Makes me want to read more
Makes me want to keep this book on my shelf
And....makes it so much more interesting.

Of course, Description isn't the only element of story, but it is one of the elements you do not want to leave out.

Of course, I can't layer it on too thickly, or else the reader will be sitting there, bored out of their mind as I take ten paragraphs describing the morning. 

(Nobody likes reading those! :P)

So......I'm going to remind myself everyday to use description to my advantage. 

And that doesn't just mean as visual.

It means:

The sound of a voice
The feel of rough tree bark
The smell of apple pie
The taste of marshmallows
But visual is very important as well, and it is probably the most used scence of people who can see.

Anyway.....this was purely for my own benefit and to remind myself of such things.

And you do not have to take my word as law.

My blog goes like this: 'Hi, I have never published a book in my life and here is how you must write your story'.

(Where is the sarcasm mark on this keyboard?)

XD Have a great week everyone! -Saphira

Keep smiling! :)


  1. Keep writing young lady. I am proud of you!

  2. Helpful, humourous, and handy. Loving all these Writing Goal posts, Saphira! Down to adorable pictures of Kíli, John, and Sherlock sprinkled throughout. Smashing!

    - Les


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