Monday, March 10, 2014

Writing Goals # 2

Making fictional Characters Real.

Writing goal number two. 

Making my characters real. 

I read on a forum, a topic titled, "What makes real people fall in love with fictional characters?"

And of course, that got me thinking.

How does that happen?

I read on and 10 pages later, found that people fall in love with fictional characters, "when they are no longer treated as characters, but as people."

0.0 -my response-

Of course, I had never thought of that before, and it brought a whole new perspective to my writing.

So, my new goal is to make my characters real.

I have to treat them like real people.

  1. They must have fears, like real people do.
  2. They must have goals.
  3. They must act real.
  4. They must have their limits. Physical and Mental
  5. They must be smart, like real people (real people think) 
  6. They must have habits.
  7. They must have real conversations.
In short, make them people.

We like people don't we? (:P)

So, the more realistic I can make my characters, the more my readers will be able to like them. 

It sounds really easy, but is it?

One slip-up and the character instantly becomes not real.

The readers might lose interest.

So my goal is to make my characters real, and to keep them that way.

Once again, there is a list of things I need to accomplish:
  1. Description. Very helpful. (And I will be addressing this later)
  2. Conversation.  The more realistic the talk, the more realistic they will become.
  3. Appearance. No one ever walked around faceless. Appearance also includes the way they speak, walk and talk.
So, there is my goals for today. :) I hope I will be able to master them. Thanks for reading!

Bonus Content sister wanted me to put this on here too so......

We all know who these chums are right? 

(If not, you don't have to read this. :P)

Loki and Thor

“It’s going to cry again.”



“She, Loki, the child is a she.”

“Well, it’s-she’s going to cry again!”

“Here, let me hold her.”

“I have this perfectly under control Thor, don’t interrupt me.”

“Now she’s going to cry.”

“Take it! Take it! You know more about them!”

“The child is not an ‘it’ Loki. It’s a she.”

“Whatever! Hurry before it throws up or something!”


They were interrupted by the baby in Loki’s arms letting out a wail.

“Do something Thor!”

Loki held the baby out and gave it into Thor’s arms.

“Stop panicking brother. She’s just too warm.”

Thor calmly accepted the crying baby and unwrapped her while Loki looked on anxiously.

“She hasn’t stopped.”

“Just let her be.” Thor rocked the baby and handed the blanket to Loki.

The baby’s cries dwindled down to soft breathing.


“Ah yes.” Loki set down the blanket and looked at the baby, “It is very cute when it isn’t crying.”

Thor glared at his brother, “She. Loki, how many times must I remind you, the child is of the she

Loki didn’t remove his gaze from the baby, “Yes, of course.”

Thor sighed and went to sit on the rocking chair by the window.

Loki followed as Thor sat and rocked the baby.

After a lapse of silence, Loki turned his gaze away from the baby and to Thor’s face, “What

“Um..” Thor blinked, “Feed her?”

“With what?”

“That bottle mother left us on the counter, don’t you remember anything?”

“Yes of course!” Loki rushed to his brother’s direction, while Thor shook his head and smiled.

Loki could be absent minded at times.

Within seconds, Loki was running back with the bottle almost out of breath, “This one?”

Thor looked up at him wondering why he had been running, “Yes.”

“How do we give it to her?”

Thor couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

He glanced up at his younger brother, who was looking rather flustered, “You...put it in her mouth.”

“Oh yes, of course.” Loki ran a hand through his hair, almost blushing, “I knew that.”

He handed the bottle to Thor, who tried giving it to the baby.

After a few unsuccessful tries, Thor gave up.

“Perhaps it’s not hungry.” Loki looked at the baby in concern.

Thor glared at him, “She.”

In other circumstances, Loki would have rolled his eyes, but to Thor’s surprize, he only nodded, “Yes, she.”

Thor shrugged and tried the bottle on the baby again.

This time, she opened her big blue eyes and began suck on the bottle.

Thor would have laughed for joy, but he decided not to startle her.

Mother had said that babies were easily startled.

Loki sat, enthralled, and watched the baby eat.

“How interesting,” He mused out loud.

Thor agreed.

“Why must they only drink until they are older?”

Loki nodded, but said nothing.

The next hour was spent watching the baby eat.

Once the bottle was empty, Thor handed the bottle to Loki and commenced trying to burp the baby.

He set her on his knee and patted her back very gently.

The baby hardly moved with Thor’s hand pats.

After a moment, Loki asked, “Are you supposed to do it harder?”

“No, Mother said gently.” Thor replied,

Loki wasn’t convinced, “But mother patted it harder, like- here Thor, let me do it.”

He set down the bottle and held out his arms for the baby.

“No, Loki, I got her, I’ll do it harder,” Thor twisted his mouth and began patting the baby more forcefully.

“Thor! Not so hard!” Loki’s breath caught.

“I’m not doing it too hard!” Thor objected, “See, she seems happy.”

The baby burped, very loudly.

Thor smiled, “See?”

Immediately, spit came out of the baby’s mouth and dribbled onto her shirt.

“Oh dear.” Loki said.

“Quick!” Thor panicked, “Get something! Stop it! Her insides are falling out brother!”

Thor’s panicked tone had Loki on his feet in an instant, “What should I get?”

“Anything! The carpet! Your shirt! Mother’s dish towels! Get something!”

Loki stared at his shirt, then began looking around frantically for something to stop the spit with.

He ran to the baby’s room, and found a blue rag.

He hoped it was a rag and not some expensive piece of curtain.

But he had no time.

Thor had said that the child’s insides were falling out.

Loki rushed back and fell to his knees besides Thor, who grabbed the rag and hurriedly shoved it into the baby’s face.

The baby winced and her whole face scrunched up.

Thor wiped her face and shirt off before holding it under her chin to prevent against more spills.

The baby relaxed.

Both brothers caught their breath.

“She will be fine.” Thor said, smiling.

Loki nodded, “Although we might have to change her clothes.”

Thor looked down at the baby, “You are right.”

He stood instantly and almost knocking Loki off balance, marched off to the changing room.

Loki followed his older brother.

In the changing room, Thor laid the baby down on the padded green changing table and got everything out.

All in very neat order so he wouldn’t forget.

A diaper, wipes, new clothes, socks, and the cream mother had set out.

Loki looked on curiously, “Do we have to change her diaper to change her clothes?”

Thor stopped, then examined the situation and nodded, “Better change everything.”

He took off the baby’s soiled clothes and set them in the hamper.

“She is going to cry.” Loki informed Thor.

Thor turned to the baby, “What is her name? How do we entertain her?”

“Here.” Loki shoved Thor aside, “You entertain, I clean.”

While Loki began with the task of changing the diaper, Thor kept the baby occupied.

He picked up the rattle his mother had set out and waved it near the baby’s face.

The rattle made loud noises, but the baby seemed occupied.

Thor laughed, “Look at her face!”

“Can’t Thor.” Loki bit his lip and carefully did all the steps, very slowly and gently.

Thor smiled at the baby, “Hi there!”

The baby smiled back, reaching out for the rattle.

Thor shook the rattle farther away from her face and chuckled, “She seems to enjoy this.”

Loki was too occupied to answer.

Thor sang pathetic little baby songs to the child, while Loki had the less than exciting task of changing the diaper.

Loki was glad that his mother would pay them for this.

Once the diaper changing was over, Loki very carefully put the baby in some new clothes, then handed her to Thor, relieved that it was over.

Thor chuckled and laughed at the baby’s funny faces, “I want one of these. Where do we get one?”

“Thor.” Loki sighed, then glanced at the baby, “It is cute, but I don’t think we have the time for one of these.”

Thor glared at Loki, “She. And I’m sure we have plenty of time. Mother might even help as well if we got one.”

“Well, “Loki stated, “I don’t want one.”

“You don’t need to have one then, I’ll just get one.”

Loki sighed as Thor went on, “I’ll name her Sif or Sigrid, or maybe......Loki.”

Thor glanced purposeful up at his brother, who turned away, sighing once again, yet smiling.

Thor would make a good father.

After a lapse of silence, Thor asked, “What do we do next? Just stare at her until she cries?”

Loki turned, then thought, “I thought mother said...a...nap?”

Thor brightened, “Wonderful! We give the baby a nap, then take one ourselves. On the couch, or the porch if you like...”

Loki rolled his eyes, but still, it didn’t sound like a bad idea.

Thor had been having some good ideas recently.

Loki got the blanket and Thor wrapped the baby up to get a nap.

But no matter how hard they tried, the baby would not sleep.

She smiled at their efforts and looked around with her giant blue eyes, but that was all.

Loki ran a hand through his hair, “I’m not sure if she’s tired.”

Thor sighed, “Perhaps she wants us to take a nap with her.”

There was a long lapse of silence in which to think.

“Did mother say anything about this?” Thor inquired Loki.

Loki was often good at remembering things.

Loki thought, “Um...rock her?”

So Thor took the baby and rocked her in the rocking chair.

She grew drowsy, but didn’t fall asleep.

So they resorted to the paper their mother had left them.

Loki frowned as he read it off, “Sing lullabies, rock her until she falls asleep, whisper in her ear about what a good baby she is, put her next to your heart so that she can hear your heartbeat, put her in a vibration chair, hum softly.....these are ridiculous!”

Loki glared at the paper.

Thor thought, “Some of them could work, If mother wrote them, they must work.”

So they tried them.

They switched turns every other experiment.

She grew even more tired, but wouldn’t fall asleep.

Loki ended up humming to the baby while Thor looked on, then shook his head sadly.

“None of it works brother.”

Loki stopped humming and sighed, “Perhaps mother wanted us to do them all at the same time.”

Thor held back a laugh.

Sometimes, Loki thought strangely.

“No,” Thor said, “I think just one at a time will do.”

Loki rocked the baby while thinking, “Do you think if we did them long enough they would work?”

“That is quite possible.” Thor fingered his chin, “Why don’t you rock the child, while I make a sandwich, I’ve gotten hungry.”

Thor marched off to the kitchen.

“Thor! Make me one too!” Loki called after him as loud as he dared, “I’m hungry!”

“Yes brother. I was going to, don’t panic.”

Loki sghed and went back to rocking the baby, who seemed to want to stay awake.

“You know, I don’t think I’m cut out for this at all.” He admitted.

The baby closed her eyes and yawned.

By the time Thor got back, the baby had fallen asleep and had almost taken Loki with her.

Thor smiled and shook his brother’s shoulder, “Loki, let’s put the child in her bed.”

Loki shook himself although he was half asleep, “What? I thought you were making a sandwich.”

They placed the baby in her bed, closed the curtains and left her to sleep.

They exited the room and Loki rubbed his shoulder, “It’s incredible how heavy a little baby can get.”

Thor nodded, “Agreed.”

They ate their sandwiches and then cleaned up the house  to make it presentable for their mother and her friend to whom the baby belonged.

Afterwards, they waited in the living room.

“Do you want a baby now?” Loki asked Thor.

Thor thought, “Yes.”

Loki sighed, “Why? After all we have gone though...why do you still want one? I certainly don’t.”

Thor smiled, “Because, then I’ll get to name it Loki.”

Thor chuckled as Loki huffed and crossed his arms, turning away so Thor wouldn't see his smile.

After a lapse of silence, Thor yawned wide, “I am weary brother, do you want to take a nap on the porch?”

Loki stifled his own yawn behind his hand, “Of course.”

Later that day, the two mothers came home to a clean and quiet house.

Frigga found her boys sleeping outside, sprawled on the two couches on the porch.

She smiled, “I suppose the baby must have been hard on them.”

The other woman went into the baby’s room and found her sleeping peacefully.

She gathered up her things, counting them all to make sure she had them.

She frowned and turned to Frigga, “Funny, I can’t find my blue curtain piece I was working on.”

Frigga smiled, “Oh, I’m sure it will turn up sooner or later. Things always do when you have two boys.”


And that's all I have for now!

Thanks for reading! -Saphira

Keep Smiling!

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