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Instalment 14

I apologize in advance. This one is very long.

So if you don't have the time to read it, go do something else less time consuming.

Although I do like this part becasue of reasons.

-Saphira :)


We all bundled up, with scarves, as Fili insisted that Mother had said ‘boys’, and that meant all of us, and then headed out the door, Kili literally dragging us along.

For some reason, I really wished that Sif wasn’t in town today.

We had been really good friends with her, but now it had been awhile.

Would I even recognize her?

Finally, we reached the town, and Kili and Fili left me standing outside the shop, waiting for them to come back out with the tooth.

I waited.

And waited.

It seemed to get colder and colder outside.

What were they doing?

Did it really take that long to find a tooth?

I stood there for so long, I must have looked like some homeless person seeking shelter from the wind.

I was glad that Fili insisted that I bring a scarf.

I shoved my hands deep into my pockets and kept waiting.

Finally, after it seemed like the sun had dropped at least a foot in the sky, I resorted to counting.











I couldn’t take it anymore.

I turned and opened the door to the shop.

A blast of warm air welcomed me.

I sighed and closed the door behind me.

I stood there for awhile, basking in the warmth, my eyes closed in contentment.

Finally I opened my eyes.

But when I did, everything that would have taken hold of my mind, like finding my nephews, was gone.

Because there stood Sif.

Of course, she was looking at me like I was some sort of half frozen freak who had been standing by the door for a minute, closing my eyes and making contented sounds.

But of course, that was what I had been doing, and the heat in the room seemed to go up a few thousand degrees.

I dropped my gaze to the floor, but then steadied myself and looked back up into her sky blue eyes.

“Th..Thorin?” Sif tilted her head.


Her eyes widened, “Oh! It is Thorin! Uh...I mean...it’s you!”

She sprinted up to me and gave me an awkward hug.

“Yes...I suppose it is me...”

I hesitantly gave her a hug back.

Sif pulled away quickly, “Oh, I’m so sorry to hear about your father!”

I frowned, “You just heard about it today?”

“No....It was awhile ago, but we haven’t seen each other in such a long time soo...”

Sif fingered the basket that she was holding nervously.

I was at a loss for words, until I remembered my nephews.

“Um...sorry, but have you by chance seen two little boys? They just came in here...”

“Oh.. oh yes, I have. The one is taller and blonde, and the other is short and adorable?”

Sif motioned with her hands at the two heights of my nephews.

I smiled at the description, “Yes, that’s them.”

“Are they yours?”

“Uh no, I mean yes, I mean...” I sighed and fingered my chin, “Do you know where they went?”

“Uh...they were just over there, but they were acting really odd.”

I glanced at her, “What do you mean?”

“Well.” Sif shifted her basket, “The short one walked up to me and said, ‘There’s this guy that’s going to walk in, and you are going to REALLY like him!’”

Sif’s impersonation of Kili was good.

She continued, “And the blonde one was like, ‘I am very distantly related to his cousin’s aunt’s grandfather’s half related step dog.’ and covered over in the corner. They were both here a second ago, but then you walked in and they left.”

I hummed and tried piecing things together.

I resorted to the last thing I knew and yelled, “BOYS!”

“Yes?” I heard a very timid reply.

“Head outside, I will be there in a second.”

Fili and Kili sprang from their hiding places and raced for the door.

I noticed that Kili had his tooth.

Once they both were out I turned back to Sif, “Well, I better get going.”

I started moving towards the door.

“Alright, I’ll see you sometime.” Sif smiled.

“Oh, Dis would like you to come over soon, so whenever you can come...”

“Dis?” Sif shrieked just like my sister, “Oh yes!”

“Alright then...I’ll see you sometime...” I reached for the door and opened it.

“Bye.” I shot out and exited the room, barely catching Sif’s, “Goodbye Thorin!”

I kept myself from slamming the door behind me, and took a deep breath of the cold air.

Then I turned to Fili and Kili, who both smiled sheepishly at me.

I raised an eyebrow, highly suspecting them.

“Come on boys. Do you have everything?”

“Yes sir.” Kili was the first to react as he sprang up and grabbed my left hand.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yes.” Fili followed his brother and took hold of my right hand.

“Positive?” I began to walk, and they stepped to keep up with me.

“Yes!” Kili said.


“YES!” Both Fili and Kili laughed.

“Really? Are you sure you didn’t leave behind your scarf?”


“A pony?”

Fili giggled.

“A blanket?”

Kili laughed.

“What about a table?”

“Uncle! We didn’t bring a table!” Kili giggled.

I smiled, “Are you sure?”

“YES!!!!!!” Fili and Kili both tugged on my arms, trying to climb on me as I walked.

“What about your tooth Kili?”

A look of shock came over Kili’s face and he desperately felt in his pocket.

But then he smiled, “Yes.” and then he added, “Did you forget anything Uncle?”

He turned expectantly to me.

I faked a shocked look, “Like my bed?”

“NO!” Fili and Kili both yelled.

“Did you forget a snowflake?” Kili asked and I noticed his use of words.

“NO!” I yelled.

Fili giggled, “Did you forget a toy?”


“What about a cat?”

“NO!” I roared and swung them both around.

They laughed, “What about your hairbrush?”


“Are you sure?” Fili prompted.


“Absolutly, postitvly minostonfigluy?” Kili asked.


Both giggled and I smiled at their fun.

“Did you forget your....” Fili trailed off, trying to find something that I would be missing.

Kili brightened and finished his brother’s sentence with a loud, “Lady?”

Fili moaned and shot him a look that meant, “NOT GOOD!”

But I laughed anyway, “Now why would I be missing that when I’ve got two great nephews?”

They both giggled as we headed home.

“And you didn’t invite her over to dinner?”

“I did! Well...not directly, I just told her that you would like to see her and anytime she wants to come over, she can.”

“But she doesn’t know where we live!”

“Maybe she does!”

“Thorin...” Dis sighed and turned to me, “Will you do it...for me?”

I sighed and turned back to my lunch, which had gotten cold.

Fili and Kili stared at me from across the table, sipping on their soup.

I huffed and shoved my chair away from the table.


“Please ask nicely!” Dis warned as I got up from my chair and turned to the coat rack for the third time this day.

I heaved my coat on, but was then stopped by Dis, “Why are you so angry all of a sudden?”

I avoided her gaze, “I’m not angry.”

Dis sighed and picking up her heavy blue skirt, came up to me, “Be nice to Sif. Please.”

“Why would I not be?”

I shoved on my gloves.

Dis huffed, “We both know her like the back of our own hands Thorin! Why are you like this? How much has she changed?”

“Not much.” I grumbled, and pulled on my boots.

Dis sighed and went back into the kitchen, only to bring out a peice of bread.


I accepted it and then shoved it into my mouth, to adjust my boots.

Once I stood up straight, Dis placed a scarf around my neck and straightened out my hair.

When she was finished, she sighed, “I’m sorry to make you do this...”

“No, it’s fine. I have some other business to attend to.”

I opened the door, letting in the cold air.

Dis frowned, “What business?”

I headed outside and glanced back at her, “I have to speak with Nori.”

I shut the door.

The key scraped against the inner lock as the gate keeper opened the door.

He bowed to me as I entered and shut the door after me.

The echoing boom resounded through the hall as I went down it.

I found Nori in a cell curled up on his cot.

He glanced up at me as I sat down heavily on the bench on the opposite wall.

He drew his blankets closer about him as I studied his face.

Nori slowly sat up, realising that I wouldn’t leave.

I watched him as he broke my gaze and looked at the stone beneath his feet.

“It wasn’t my fault.” His voice cut the silence.

“What happened this time?” I asked.


“It was a blanket.” Nori said, “Winter is coming on. Ori needs one.”

“You could have bought it.”

Nori glanced up at me, “I don’t have the money.”

“You could get a job.”

“No one will take me.” Nori gazed back down at the floor.

Silence again.

I broke it this time, “Nori, this is childish, you are beyond old enough to have a job and to support your family.”

“And old enough to be in prison.” Nori mumbled.

I sighed and rubbed my chin.

“Look, Nori.” Nori glanced up at my words, “I’ll let you off this time. But I only do it because the first snow is soon in coming.”

Hope began to fill Nori’s eyes as I continued, “You find somewhere where you want to work, and I’ll make sure they let you on. If you work hard and don’t steal, well...you’ll get money enough to buy Ori a new blanket, and even more to support your brothers.”

Nori blinked, “Really?”

I smiled, “Yes. But you have to promise me something.”

Nori’s face immediately turned sober, “Yes?”

I leaned forward, “You must tell me if they are cheating you.”

Relief broke upon his face, “Yes Sir.”

I smiled and taking a key from my pocket stood and unlocked his door.

I went in and hoisted him to his feet.

He quickly folded his blanket which was the only thing that he had brought with him, and we exited the room.

We walked down the hall, to the door, where I tossed the key to the bewildered watchman.

Nori and I went out and I offered to take him home, but he said that he would like to pick out a job first.

So he found the place where he had been working, a metal shop, and I gave him a good word with the dwarf in charge.
When all was arranged, Nori went home, telling me that he didn’t need me to take him there.

And I let him go.

I trusted him at least to get to his house.

I sighed and turned towards the market, still crowded with early afternoon shoppers.

Now to find Sif...

I wandered about aimlessly for awhile, trying to muster up my courage to actually look for her.

I looked at all the shops, thinking about what Kili would like for his birthday.

Bofur had given him almost every toy he owned, and no doubt would give Kili another one.

Kili had been begging for a kitten, but I couldn’t find one at this time of year.

I examined some mining tools, decided he wouldn’t like those, and moved on to a bakery.

I bought a pastry and ate it as I looked some more.

New clothes?


New curtains?

Definitely not.

Great beards he’s five!


I bought some along with a new set of pencils.

I kept looking anyway.

I had almost run out of shops to look at, when I turned and promptly ran into Sif.

Of course, we both dropped whatever we had been holding, and both scrambled for them before they blew away with exclamations along the borders of, “Oh! I’m so sorry! It’s all my...”

“It’s not your fault! I just didn’t see you, I’m so clumsy and...”

“You’re not clumsy! I’m just so quiet, you didn’t hear me over the wind, and oh! Look out! your papers are loose!”

I quickly grabbed the papers and stood up, smiling sheepishly, as Sif arranged all her things back into order, then pleased with it, glanced back up at me.

I felt like I should say something, but I just looked at her.

She smiled , “Well... hello again.”

I blinked as I remembered what had meant to tell her, “Oh, Sif! I almost forgot! If you aren’t busy, Dis would like to have you over for supper.....soon....today....”

Sif turned into a complete mess, “REALLY? Me? Over for supper? With Dis? And you? I....I feel so honored! Oh I would love to come! Me and Dis could catch up!”

She then turned quizzical, “If it wouldn’t be too much trouble...”

“Oh no, no trouble at all.” I objected, quickly, “Just come over at uh...”

I didn’t recall if Dis had ever mentioned a time, “At uh....supper.”

Sif smiled, “She didn’t tell you when, did she?”

I shook my head, “I suppose you just come whenever you feel hungry. I mean, that’s what I do.”

Sif laughed, then composed herself, “So um...where do you live again?”

I blinked.

Well great.

Of course Sif has to know where she is going to go in order to eat the promised supper!

Sif noticed my face, “Do you not even know where you live...?”

“Oh no, I know where I live, I’m just not good at giving directions...uh...”

I rubbed my chin and sighed.

So we resorted to something else.

I followed Sif around as she finished her shopping.

I didn’t want to go back to the house, get all warm, then have to go back out , find Sif and escort her to supper.

It was still early in the day, far from supper, and Dis might have been worried that I had been out for quite some time, afraid that I would have gotten captured or something.

But I followed Sif around anyway, and she made use of me by piling some things into my arms.

Sif liked to talk as well, and as she visited with people, I stood in the background, waiting and waiting and waiting.

Time flew past and before I knew it, we had dropped all the things off at Sif’s house, I had met her parents for the second time, and I found myself waiting for Sif to get into ‘Proper clothes’.

Sif’s parents were almost ecstatic that Thorin, the King of Erebor, was inviting their daughter over to have supper at his house.

Of course, I objected that it was Dis had actually wanted her there, but they didn’t seem to hear me over exclaiming how privileged they were to have me in their home.

Finally, Sif was ready and we left the house.

It was getting darker and colder as we headed down the street.

I was relieved to see the house was we rounded a corner.

I hoped Dis had made something.

I approached the house and knocked on the door.

We waited.

Finally Dis opened the door a crack, “Thorin?”


“Where have you been? It’s almost supper time! Go get Sif! By then I’ll be ready.”

“She’s right here Dis.”

I heard a suppressed scream, “Can you both wait one second? I have to set the table. BOYS!”

Dis left the door cracked open, and peering through, I could see her bustling about the kitchen.

I grinned and settled against the wall.

I glanced at Sif, who hesitantly took up my pose, “I hope you don’t mind.” I said.

“Oh no. I’m at least glad I brought an extra coat.” Sif cupped her hands over her nose.

I looked at the rapidly darkening sky and made a few dragon puffs.

I smiled as I heard Dis ordering the boys around.

But then I heard something else.

I ignored the sounds coming from the house and listened.

A howl carried across the air, quiet, yet loud enough to be close.

I shivered as my heart began to race.

I hoped Sif wouldn’t hear them.

The howls and my heart beat.

I glanced over at her, as she looked at the sky, then back at her hands.

She didn’t seem to notice.

I heard another howl.

I recognized it.

The painfully terrifying howl of Wargs.

Memories flooded into my head.

I angrily forced them down.

Another howl.

And another.

Sif glanced up, “Do you hear anything?”

“No.” I lied.

I glanced into the darkness of the night.

I imagined a pair of golden eyes glowing in the light of the bonfire.

I felt a stinging pain in my side.

I winced and rubbed the spot.

Another howl racked the dark, and this time Sif heard.

Her gaze snapped to the forest, and she instinctively reached for me, “Well, did you hear that?

“Yes.” I had heard it.

I heard it along with ten thousand other howls, and the screams of orcs.

I saw the flash of steel, and blood.

I grimaced.

Those howls were too close.

I grabbed Sif’s shoulder, “Come on.”

She let me escort her to the door and into the house.

I heard Dis protest as I followed Sif and entered.

“Not yet! Not yet! Hold on!”

“Wargs.” Was all I needed to say and Dis stopped.

Kili and Fili were setting the table the best they knew how, and Dis was in the kitchen, cooking up something wonderful.

I shoved off my heavy jacket and hung it up on the rack, then took Sif’s coat and put it there too.

It was warm in the house.

Dis had made a fire and it heated me up quickly.

All of me except for my nose.

“Thorin!” Dis called from the kitchen, “Could you help me for a second?”

“Make yourself at home.” I said to Sif, then brushed past her and entered the kitchen.

“Thorin, could you tend to the soup? I’m afraid I’m a bit busy..”

Busy was an under exaggeration.

Dis had food everywhere, and was trying to not make it all burn.

I obediently took up a spoon and began to stir the soup.

I heard the boys in the living room introduce themselves to Sif, “Hello! I’m Kili and this is my bestest brother in the whole intire world! His name is Fili.”

I smiled and kept stirring.

“Dis, you are really overdoing yourself!” I commented.

“We have a special guest!” Was Dis’s reply.

She then came closer to me and whispered, “How is she?”


Dis gently slapped me with her hand, “You know! Tell me! Does she look different at all?”

“I can’t tell you. You’ll have to see for yourself.”

Dis groaned and stood up.

Once all the food was ready, Dis had me and the boys put all of it on the table.

Sif looked up anytime one of us came out of the kitchen, hoping that it might be Dis.

We just gave her smiles and stocked the table.

Finally we had set the entire table.

Dis came out of the kitchen, and us men watched with silly smiles on our faces as the women hugged.

Dis had never been so glad to see anyone in her life.

So we finally sat down to supper.

Dis had worn her very best, and so had Sif.

They constantly commented on each others beautiful dresses.

I honestly couldn’t have cared less.

I was just hungry.

We ate and talked about old times, completely bewildering Kili and Fili.

“Oh! Remember about the one time you fell into a river?”

“Remember when we tried sneaking around in Erebor?”

“Thorin! You’ll remember that one day where you almost chopped your finger off!”

“Remember Dis, about when you wanted butterfly wings in your hair all the time because you said they were pretty?”

“Sif, remember when we teased you to death about that one boy?”

“Remember when you accidentally chopped your hair off, and we all decided that it was cool, and all went bald to school the next day?”

“Oh Thorin! Remember when those older students thought that you really weren’t a prince, and I punched them?”

“What about that one day that we bought a Warg skin from a store, and played with it all day? Do you remember?”

We all talked late into the night, even after the food was all stored away and the fire burned low in the fireplace.

Kili fell asleep on Dis’s lap as Fili played on the ground by my feet, trying not to drift off as well.

Finally, as the hour was growing late, Dis stood up and carried Kili to his crib, “Thorin, I think it’s about time you escort Sif home.”

I groaned, not wanting to leave the comfort of the room, but sat up anyway.

I stood and stretched.

Sif followed suit, brushing her skirt off and yawning.

We pulled on our boots and put on two layers of coats.

Dis came out of the room and gave Sif a long farewell hug, “We should do this more often.” Dis sighed, “I miss your company.”

“I agree.” Sif answered.

With another goodbye to Fili, and Dis handing me a lantern, we exited the warm house and went into the cold night.

It was very cold.

So cold that even two layers of coats could not keep it out.

I took Sif safely to her home, then headed back to mine.

I got home to a warm house.

Dis had gone to sleep, so I went into my room and taking my coat off, went over to my bed.

But then, I remembered something.

I opened a drawer in my desk and pulled a pouch out of it.

I emptied two coins onto my palm, then went to Kili and Fili’s room.

I made sure that Kili was asleep before sliding the coins under his pillow.

Satisfied that Kili would find it, I snuck out and closed the door behind me.
I collapsed into my bed without taking off my boots, and stared up at the ceiling, the day's events swimming around in my head.

After taking off my boots and pulling the blankets over me, I fell asleep.


  1. ‘There’s this guy that’s going to walk in, and you are going to REALLY like him!’
    'I am very distantly related to his cousin’s aunt’s grandfather’s half related step dog.'

    Fili? Kili? YOU TWO ARE RIDICULOUSLY HILARIOUSLY EPIC! Ehehe, what on earth were they thinking, saying such outlandish things?
    Sif . . . ahhh, I very much like her. Was there any particular thing that inspired you to add her? When Thorin and she had reached his place and heard the Warg howls, you really did alarm me! I wondered, "Are those terrible beasts going to make another turn-up? Pleeeeaaaase, no!" :) Thank you for settling my worries and having a happily ever after to that part.
    And Kili found his tooth! Huzzah! (Had he not, I would have been saddened indeed.) Good guy Thorin, remembering the coins to go under the pillow.
    Bless you for this entire story, my friend. It is rare to find wholesome, "decent" fanfictions, considering some of the pointless filth others have written (with no offense to anyone ;).

    Love, Les x

    1. PS. NORI DID IT ALL FOR ORI??! I think part of my fangirl self just died. :']

    2. Yesssss, I love that part:) My favorite part: "There's this guy that's going to walk in, and you are going to REALLY like him!" Pahahahahaha! Those two brothers never stop to amuse me:)

  2. I LOVED this chapter! It is so good! Yay! Fili and Kili are so cute! {I can't say that enough :D}



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