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Installment 17

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I turned in the papers the next day.

I sat and watched nervously as Balin paced around the room, humming and flipping the pages.

Dwalin sipped on his tea on the couch in their home, “Don’t worry about it. That’s the only way he reads.”

I raised and eyebrow, “Interesting.”

Dwalin huffed and watched as Balin walked around the room like some worried schoolteacher.

Finally, Balin sat down, signed the last page with Ink and tucked the papers away into his bag.

He smiled at me as he stood up, “Well done Thorin, that was one of your best.”

I sighed in relief.

Balin chuckled, “Don’t relax yet, I’m giving you another test next week.”
I faked a groan.

Balin sat down on the chair opposite me and sighed, “On a more serious note Thorin, I’ve looked at all the maps, all the papers. If we ever do go back to the mountain, the Dragon has sealed up the gate. I don’t see how in the name of Durin we could get in there.”

“Without banging the door down.” Added Dwalin.

I thought, “There could be secret passageways...I remember my father used to tell me about them...”

“We could climb to the top.” Dwalin mused and Balin gave him a “Seriously?” glance.

We all thought in silence for awhile, thinking of all possible ways to get into the mountain.

“What has the Dragon sealed the gate with?” I finally broke the quiet.

Balin sighed, “Heaven knows lad, no one in their right minds will get near that gate.”

“I would think stone.” Dwalin added in his opinion.

“Hmm...” I scratched at my chin.

After another silence, I asked, “Is there anything that we have, anything that could get us into the mountain?”

Balin shrugged, “No, nothing.”

“A key? A map?”

“We have several maps, but none that show us a secret passage.”

I sighed and sat back, “Then we will have to wait.”

Both brothers nodded.

Another quiet fell over us.

Dwalin broke it, “More tea?”

I trudged home in the snow, lost in thought.

I wasn’t very eager to go back to the mountain, but the problem had arisen.

How were we supposed to get in?

If we finally got there, how would we retake it?

I couldn't think of anything better than Dwalin’s proposal of climbing the mountain and dropping down to our smoky, dragon deaths.

I kicked at a pile of leaves under the snow.

I hoped that something would come up between now and whenever we would try to retake the mountain.

Like Smaug tearing down his fortifications or something.

Maybe he would just die.

I brushed that thought away.

Dragons just don’t die.

Unless they are killed by an arrow or something.

Perhaps he would poison himself.


I made it to the house and shedding my coat, stood in front of the fire and thought some more.

Maybe he would burn up.

No, dragons ARE fire.

Perhaps he would eat too much and die from overeating.

I grimaced.

How would we get the body out of the mountain?

Maybe he would drown.

Drown in what, gold?

Dragons have to drink sometime.

Yes, but like once every sixty years.

Maybe he would drown while getting a drink.

Perhaps he would die of some strange disease only dragons get.

What diseases do Dragons get?

Maybe he’ll get so sick of gold, that he just....dies.

That sounded like something Kili would say.

What if he...


I blinked and looked over at Dis, who was sitting at the table with some other dwarven lady.


“You’re talking to yourself again.”


“Yes really, now say hello to Sif and then take the boys out sledding, they've been waiting hours for you to come.”

I suddenly realised that the dwarven lady at the table was Sif.

I blinked, “Oh...sorry.....hello Sif.”

Sif smiled, “Hello.”

“Uncle!” Kili raced from his bedroom, dragging Fili along, “Will you take us sledding? PLEASE!?”

They stopped in front of me and I noticed that they were already dressed in their gear.

I sighed, “Get your boots on.”


Kili dragged Fili over to where their boots were by the door.

I was about to follow them, when Dis cleared her throat, “What were you talking about?”


Dis sighed, exasperated, “Yes you, what was it about? Did you fail the test?”


“Good. What were you talking about?”

I sighed, “We can’t find a way into Erebor... It’s...”

At once, Dis interrupted, “You’re going back?!”

At the same time, Sif asked, “You’re going to Erebor?”

“No!” I startled both women, then composed myself, “We just can’t find a way in if we do go.”

Dis relaxed, as Sif looked up at me, curious, “Will you ever go back?”

I opened my mouth to answer, but just then, Kili raced over to me and tugged on my arm, “Uncle!”

“Alright, I’m coming.”

I pulled my boots on and threw on my coat.

“Please don’t take them down The Man From the Snowy River hill!” Dis called.

“Aw...” Both Kili and Fili looked disappointed, as I pulled on my heavy overcoat.

“Please Thorin!”

“Alright.” I answered.

“Don’t get mad with me. “Dis chided.

“Why would I be mad?” I asked, “How can sledding with my nephews make me mad?”

I opened the door, and stepped out, Kili and Fili close on my heels.

They got their sleds, and we headed out, leaving the nice cozy house behind us.

“Where are we going Uncle?” Fili asked, grabbing my hand.

“You can’t take us sledding down The Man From the Snowy River hill, mother said so.” Added Kili taking my other hand.

“Alright, I’ll tell you when we get there.”

I led them to a hill far away from the town, and close to the river.

“This is The Man From the Snowy River hill!” Kili yelled.

“No it isn’t,” Fili comforted his little brother, “Look, It bends a little more than the other one. And it’s not so steep.”

“Oh.” Kili looked relieved as he glanced up at me, “I thought you were going to be in big trouble Uncle.”

I smiled, “Ready?”

“Yes!” Both Fili and Kili hopped onto their sleds.

For the next thirty minutes, they sledded down the hill, landing in a big snowpile at the bottom, then ran up to me, where I would push them down again.

This went on quite nicely, and I was beginning to think that we should head home soon, when the unthinkable happened.

Well, It wasn’t really that unthinkable, I had been worrying about it all day.

Fili was sledding down the hill, when his sled suddenly took the wrong turn and with a loud splash, he was in the ice cold river.

He came splashing up for air, yelling for Uncle, before he went back under again.

I practically ran down the slippery hill, almost falling twice before jumping into the chest deep river and pulling Fili out.

I dragged us both onto the land, shivering and wet to the skin.

Kili was crying as I pulled off my wet outer coat and wrapped it around Fili, who was chattering so loud, I felt like the whole town might hear it.

Shivering myself, I got to my feet and picked Fili up.

Telling Kili to take his sled, we all hiked up the hill.

Kili cried the whole way, and Fili tried to comfort him through chattering teeth, but it did no good.

All the comfort Kili could get was holding onto my free hand.

When we finally got home, we politely took off our boots, and coats.

The ladies were still talking at the table and didn’t notice us, so I took matters into my own hands.

I stripped Fili of his wet garments and found him some new dry clothes.

We hung the wet clothes over the fireplace, along with my coat, under jacket and sopping wet shirt.

Kili did likewise, not wanting to feel left out, except that his clothes weren't wet.

We all sat as close to the fire as we could, the glowing heat warming our skin.

Still, Fili chattered, no matter how many blankets I put on him.

But I waited for Dis to finish talking with Sif.

Kili had ceased to cry, but he sniffed every now and then.

Presently, as I was just wondering if I should get us all some hot drinks, Dis looked over at us.

There was a cry of shock from her, as we all glanced over at them.

I didn’t know what she was shocked about, her three boys sitting as close as they could to the fire without roasting themselves alive, or all the sopping wet clothes lying about.

Whatever she was shocked about, her and Sif immediately fixed us up as only women can.

With hot chocolate and lots and lots of blankets

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  1. I do tend to leave colossal-sized comments on your posts, don't I? *makes mental note to constrain self to future notes being three paragraphs at the extreme most* Oh, the joys of being an eccentric fangirl. But for the shoutout I am glad!

    *hides laughter* Balin, Dwalin, and Thorin are hilarious, even if they don't recognise/realise/want it to be so. #Ehehe #BrilliantMoments

    *blinks* Whoa. This closer look into what built up the Quest for Erebor is marvellous. Hmm, Thorin was talking to himself? Never would've guessed. ;)

    YAYYAYYAY SLEDDINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYY-------- Hold on. Did Fili just--?! O.o WWWWWHHHAT?! *splutters* Ouch, my feels are hurting. I assume you knew that would happen to me when you wrote that bit, eh? Kidding, I hope. NAY, NO WEE CRYING KILI LADS! NONE! EERRRGH, HERE COME MORE #FEELS.

    Hot chocolates and lots and lots of blankets sounds like something just perfect for comforting fangirls such as myself. :)

    Much love, Les.

    PS. The title of this story; is it "Onions, Lemons, and Apples"? (I have to verify before I can add it to my list of favourite books on my blogger profile, if you wouldn't mind. :D )

  2. Well 'Onions lemons and apples' is the title of the blog, and I have no idea what the title of the story is besides, 'Thorin'. So, I think the story can be named that. :) Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments. They totally make my day. :) -Saphira


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