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Installment 13

Sorry I forgot to post yesterday. I was a bit busy. :)

Anyway, here's the next part of my story! It takes place five years after where I ended off last time.

So Kili is five, and Fili is eleven.

Thanks everyone! -Saphira


Five years later.....


I woke suddenly to the loud yell that came from the other room.

Thinking perhaps that Kili had stabbed himself with a knife, I got out of bed and ran out into the cold living room.

The boys weren't there, So I ran to their room.

“Don’t worry buh.” I heard Fili’s soothing voice come from the room, “It’s only a tooth, it will grow back.”

“Bu...but you told me that....that tooths were...important!”

I sighed and sunk down onto the couch, feeling as my heart rate slowly abated.

“Buh, I forgot to tell you that teeth come out! That’s what they do! It helps you grow! See, all my teeth fell out, but they grew back!”

“Ohhhhh...” I heard Kili sniffle, “So...what do I do with it?”

“You hide it under your pillow at night, and then, the tooth fairy comes and takes it, but leaves you with a little present! Look, I”ll show you the one the tooth fairy gave me last year.”

I smiled.

Leave it to big brother Fili to make you feel better.

Glad that Kili had not indeed stabbed himself, I stood, and stretched, deciding I would make a fire before Dis woke up.

I heard the boys giggling in their room as I heaped a bunch of wood into the fireplace and began to light a fire.

“Uncle’s up!” I heard Kili squeal as the roar of the fire began to warm the house.

I heard the little patter of feet, and prepared myself for an assault.

Just then, a pair of cold hands grabbed my shoulders, while another pair grabbed my arm.

“Got you Uncle!” Kili yelled.

I roared and they shrieked as I stood up, Fili dangling from my shoulder and Kili almost slipping off my back.

“Goodmorning boys!” I said.

“Goodmorning!” Fili let go and tumbled to the floor, and Kili followed his older brother’s example.

“Look Uncle look!” Kili beamed with pride as he showed me his first lost tooth.

I bent down and looked into the bag he held open.

I whistled, “That’s a big one.”

“Yeah, it came out this morning!”

I ruffled his shaggy brown hair and stood up, “Who wants to go to town with me today?”

“I do! I do” Kili and Fili both waved their hands up.

“I want to show my tooth to Ori.” Kili beamed.

“We’ll see.” I went to the kitchen as Dis came out in her night shift.

“Goodmorning sunshines!”

“Goodmorning! Look mother! My first tooth came out!” Kili held his bag up proudly to show Dis.

She gasped, “You’re growing up so fast! Let me see.”

Kili opened his mouth to show her where the tooth had been.

“Goodness Kili!” She gave him a motherly kiss then asked, “What do you want for breakfast?”

The rest of the morning was spent eating and getting ready to leave for town.

Dis wasn’t going, so she gave me a list of all the things we needed.

Fili and Kili were all ready to go long before I was, so they waited on the couch reading some stories Fili wrote.

Finally after throwing on my boots, by fur coat and pocketing some money, I called to the boys and we left.

There was a crisp bite to the air as we walked to town.

Fili and Kili kicked at golden leaves behind me, making shuffling noises and pretending that they were dragons because of the white puffs of steam they made every time they breathed.

I smiled and made a few dragon puffs of my own.

After a bit, as the town came into view, Kili hesitantly asked, “ come you aren’t married like mother?”

I glanced back at them and Fili gave me a sheepish smile.

I sighed and turned back around, “Because I hate women.”

“But....but....”Kili stammered, and Fili said, “No Buh, he’s just saying that, in real life though, he likes women.”


That ‘oh’ made me terribly suspicious, but I didn’t press it as we continued on.

We arrived at the town, which was bustling with dwarves as they hurried about with their morning shopping, wanting to get home and out of the cold.

I found a bunch of things on Dis’s list before Kili spotted Ori, “Uncle! Uncle!”

Kili pulled on my jacket, “There’s Ori! Can I show him my tooth?”

I followed his pointed finger to a small store, where Ori and his brother Dori were entering.

I pulled Fili and Kili close, “Alright, go find Ori, but don’t leave that shop until I come and find you alright?”

“Yes sir!”

Both boys turned and sped off to the store to find their friend Ori.

I continued with my shopping, then having found everything, I decided to pay Balin a visit.

I headed to his house and once I had got there, Balin handed me a bunch of papers, babbling on about something that I didn’t fully comprehend as I shuffled through the papers.

Great. Homework.

I let him give me a cup of tea before I left, saying that I had to get the boys and take them home.

I found the shop with no trouble at all, and entered it, hoping to find the boys quickly as I was cold.

But the shop was very warm, so instead of yelling for them, I took a step inside.

I noticed the boys immediatly, in the corner of the shop, playing with Ori.


They all glanced up.

Kili turned back to Ori, “Bye! I think we might see you tomorrow.”

“Alright bye.” Ori gave Kili and Fili hugs, then turned shyly to me, “Goodmorning Mister Thorin.”

I smiled at him as Fili and Kili bounced up to me.

“Got everything?”

“Yes Sir!”

“Then come on.”

We all exited the shop, the boys giving farewells to Ori.

Then we headed home.

“Oh, thank you Thorin!”

Dis accepted the bag of things from town that I handed to her and retreated into the kitchen.

Fili and Kili immediately shed their coats and rubbing their hands together in front of the fire, mentioned how cold they were.

I slowly eased my coat off my shoulders and set it on the hook, then sighing, sat down at the table with the papers.

I shuffled through them, then picked out the one that looked the most important.

Of course, it was the diagram of the Fort.

I had commissioned the building of the Fort almost five years ago.

Why not create a fortified building big enough to house the entire town in case of a raid or Smaug decided to make an attack on us?

It was now almost finished.

I glanced at Balin’s writing on the edge of the page.

The building was to be finished on Kili’s birthday.

I smiled and decided not to tell him.

Kili had been begging me to tell him when the Fort would be finished.

It would be my little surprise.

I laughed inwardly as I put the paper down and picked up another one.

This one had the names of the new occupants of the town.

I skimmed over them quickly, until one name caught my eye.


That name sounded familiar, but I couldn’t place it.

I frowned and kept looking down the page.

But my gaze kept going back to the one name.

Where had I heard it before?

I wracked my memory for any clue of who it might be.

I gave up after a fuile search, and turned to the next page.

But then I remembered.

Of course!

Sif had gone my school when we were about ten.

Of course, Dis had gone to the school also and her and Sif were great friends because they were the same age and were both tough.

We had all done school together, and all lived in Erebor, but then the dragon came, and we hadn’t heard from her since.

And now, Sif was in our town?


I looked at the next page, about the prison count.

Two prisoners.


And Nori.

I groaned.

Not again.

Nori seemed to be always in prison.

It seemed as if he liked being locked up for three days, worrying his two brothers, Dori and Ori to death.

I found a pen and dipped it into an inkwell.

I scribbled at the bottom of the page, ‘Talk to Nori.’

I sighed and putting the pen down, dried the page and turned to the next one.

This was about Erebor.

Balin had scribbled at least a thousand notes all over the page.

I took my time reading them.

No movement coming from the mountain.

Sometimes there were reports of smoke bellowing from the top, but that was it.

Smaug had sealed the front gate.

The sides of the mountain were still bare of vegetation.

I read on, scribbling down my own notes as well.

“Thorin, do you need anything?” Dis called.

“Hm?  Uh, some tea would be good.” I finished the page and set it off to one side for the ink to dry.

I picked up another page.

About the Iron Hills.

I kept studying.

Presently Dis, came in with a cup of steaming tea and set it down in front of me.

I murmured my thanks, and picked up the mug, but didn’t drink from it.

I head Dis sigh, “Thorin, stop torturing yourself over this. It’s just a bunch of papers!”

“Balin gives me tests.” I replied curtly.

Dis sighed again and I felt her warm hand on my shoulder, “Well then, study up. But don’t overwork yourself. It’s not like we’re in school.”

I stopped, and putting my mug down, I shuffled through my papers and found the one with the names of newcomers.

I handed it to Dis without another comment.

She accepted it hesitantly, “What’s this?”

I turned back to my papers and hid my smile.

Dis’s hand left my shoulder as she studied the paper.

“I don’t see...” She stopped and then gasped, “Thorin! Sif’s here!”

“I know.”

“But when did she come in? Why haven’t I seen her? How long is she staying?”

“I don’t know.” I replied.

Dis slapped me hard on the back, “But you're supposed to know! You’re the King!”

“That’s why I’m studying.” I smiled and wrote nonsense on my paper.

“Ohhh...” Dis sighed and then looked back at the paper.

Just then, Kili bust out of his room, crying, “Uncle! Uncle!” He ran over to me and buried his head in my lap.

Fili slowly came out of the room behind him, looking worried.

“Uncle! My tooth is lost!” Kili cried, “I...I left it at the shop! Pl...please don’t be angry!”

He burst into tears as I hoisted him onto my lap.

“He won’t stop crying.” Fili elaborated, “So I told him that maybe you could go back with him to get it, but he said that you might get mad...”

“Why would I be mad Kili?” I asked.

“ asked...asked us if we had everything...and....and I forgot it!”

“Don’t worry Buh. We’ll go into town right now and get it.”

Kili’s tear streaked face shot up, “Really?”

“If mother says so.”

We all turned to Dis, who sighed, “Fine, go.”

“YAY!” Kili lept off my lap and grabbing Fili’s hand, rushed off to go get their coats on.

I rose from my chair and stretched.

“Are you sure you want to go?” Dis asked me.

“Yes. Anything to get away from these papers.”

Dis laughed.

I heard the boys yelling as they go their things on as fast as they could.

I headed towards the noise, but Dis stopped me.

“Thorin, if you see Sif, will you tell her that I would love to see her again, even ask her over to dinner if she isn’t busy?”

“Of course.”

“I need some female company, and I haven’t seen Sif in such a long time!”

“I know Dis, you have mentioned it before.”

I straightened up my boots and stretched again.

Dis smiled, “Alright, get along with you, the boys will be there and back before you can get out the door.”

I smiled at her, then went for the coat rack.

“Boys! Remember to put on scarves!” Called Dis.

“Yes Mother!” answered Fili.

“Let me out!” Kili said.

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  1. Eep, Kili lost a tooth! Oh, Kili. You darling little thing! Calling your elder brother "Foofi"? Precious, precious, precious. And, as always, FEELSFEELSFEEEEEEEEELS. :)
    Thorin and Dis certainly have their hands full with those laddies!

    Your descriptions and how this is written in Thorin-POV is fascinating. The genuinely amusing humour balances very well with the more serious portions. For the record, Dis is such a sweet mum! *sniff* (I'm trying not to think about things that will happen in her future...)

    Seeing into a Dwarven town from your view and imaginings really is quite wonderful, as is getting to know more about other Dwarves in this way. Yet that Nori. Behind bars again? *sigh* o.o

    Love, Les x

  2. Kili is so cute! I love both Fili and Kili so much! :)


    1. Well, I tried to write them that way. :) I'm glad you like it. :)

  3. "Let me out!" Such a thing Kili would say:) I'm having brotherly feels*why?* :)


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