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Instalment 9

This chapter is my blog's namesake! :)

And, I think if this chapter had a name, it would be, "To please the lady."

Today I realised that over Christmas, you would get a lot of blood from this.......

So if you don't want to ruin the festivities...just don't read it.... :)

Anyway... Enjoy! -Saphira


The next day, Hagre and Nolla left to go for a bit and find Hagre’s husband and Nolla’s father  to say goodbye.

He had already signed up to go with us, but couldn't come to our home to say goodbye to his family.

So the task of cooking supper fell to me.

Dis had not been feeling well ever since Balin and Dwalin had left yesterday, and so I had to cook.

All I knew how to cook was meat, so I made a platter of roasted meat from the butcher’s shop.

But Dis couldn’t eat that, much less sit up, so she made me put it in a pot of boiling water over the fire.

I brought that to her once it was hot enough, but she objected, “No! That’s boiled meat you forgot to take out of the water! Add something like carrots to it or something!”

So I sent Fili into the garden for carrots and then chopped them up very nicely and put them in.

That still seemed like too little for all the water in the pot, so I grabbed all the spices in the spice cupboard, and set them out on the table.

Fili and I then proceeded to put a little pinch of everything into the soup, or whatever smelled good to Fili.

I then chopped up a whole onion and put that into the soup as well, but it still didn’t seem as thick as the soup Dis made.

I regretted then that I didn’t watch as Dis made the soup.

So I found some apples and lemons and put those in the soup, finely chopped, then let Fili put in some cinnamon.

Still not satisfied, I chopped up some herbs from the garden and dumped those in, then found a bunch of mushrooms in the garden and after dicing them, scooped them into the pot.

Then I shoved a few potatoes into there after cutting them up until you could hardly see them floating around in the soup.

Fili got me some celery and after tossing that in and stirring it with a pinch of salt, Fili stirred it while I thought if there was anything else to do to it.

After thinking through every last possibility besides bread that I could think of, I decided that it was ready.

After a few more minutes and taste testing it with Fili, who affirmed it as mother worthy, we brought a bowl to Dis.

She sipped on it as we watched her, waiting for her response.

Dis put the bowl down and licked her lips twice, then twisted her mouth, “’s of flavor Thorin....what did you put in it?”

She lifted the bowl to her lips again.

“Uh...meat, carrots, celery, potatoes....uh...anything else Buh?”

“All the spices in the cupboard!” Fili stated proudly.

Dis quickly lowered the bowl, “What?”

“No Dis, like, a pinch of everything in the cupboard, not the entire things.”

Dis didn’t look very relieved, “But...that’s a lot of spices..what else did you put in it?”

“Onions, lemons and apples.” Fili stated again, beaming, “And lots and lots of cinnamon.”

Dis glared at me, “What are you teaching him?”

“Nothing! We didn’t know how to do it!” I said.

Dis groaned and put her soup bowl on the side table.

“Next time, just ask.”

Fili and I ate some of the soup, which didn’t taste at all strange to us, then put the rest in the cellar for tomorrow.

The next day, Fili gave the soup away in a little stand by our house.

There was a lot of soup, and no matter how hungry I was, we couldn’t finish it before it went bad.

The dwarf men who tasted it, wanted more, but the women looked like they wanted to spit it out.

We had Balin and Dwalin taste it, and of course, Dwalin wanted more and more, but Balin had to take a few skeptical bites before proclaiming, “Lad, that is a lot of flavors in one soup.”

Dwalin only noticed the strange combination of flavors after his third bowl.

Hagre and Nolla came back later that afternoon and we had them try it as well.

“Take slow bites.” Fili warned them, “It’s very hot.”

“Alright.” Hagre took a slow sip.

Her eyes widened, and she put the bowl down.

She wiped her mouth on her apron and asked, “What is in that?”

Fili listed off the strange ingredients, emphasizing that we had used every spice in the cupboard, and Hagre put the bowl back politely, saying she might have some more later.

Nolla, seeing the reaction of her mother, didn’t want to taste it, but Fili prodded her into it.

She took and extremely slow sip, looking at us out of the corner of her eye.

After she had taken a sip, she put the bowl down and grimaced, “Wow.”

She licked her lips three times before saying, “Fili, perhaps we should leave the cooking to the professionals.”

“But Uncle Thorin made it!” Fili said proudly, “And he’s a professional.”

Nolla’s eyes went wide, “Really?” She glanced at me and blushed, not wanting to offend the heir to the throne of Erebor, “Well, I’m really was a good soup...just needed more...uh.....”

“Flavor?” I offered, and after staring at me for a bit, Nolla burst into laughter, “No! I mean, if you wanted it, but you needed more meat.”

“Oh....” So that was what went wrong.

Too many veggies.

Balin and Dwalin stayed over for supper and shared with me the statistics of their search.

“We already have twenty Dwarves ready to go.” Balin said, looking at a paper through his spectacles, “Only thirty more to please the lady.”

“Good.” I commented, glad that Dis was still in bed and couldn’t hear this, “Balin, I need you to be in charge of inventory, write down how much food and pony’s we need in order to make it to the mountain with food to spare. Dwalin, be in charge of the weapons. Make sure they are the best and make sure everyone who comes with us is a trained swordsman, or at least knows how to carry and axe.”

They both nodded as they accepted their tasks.

Balin then took out another paper, and studied it.

While he did, I took a few bites of my food.

I glanced over at Fili who was in his highchair and scooping his food into his mouth.

Nolla was on another chair, holding Kili and Hagre was in Dis’s room, caring for my sister.

All was quiet.

The quiet before the dragon. I mused.

Balin then noisily folded the papers and put them in his bag, “Thank you, for supper lass.”

He stood and Dwalin reluctantly followed.

Balin bowed until his beard almost brushed the floor.

Dwalin bowed as well, and without further ado, both went out the door and into the night.

Nolla closed the door behind them and shivered, “It’s getting cold out this season, should I light a fire?”

“What?....Oh yes, you can...” I trailed off.

Fili glanced at me, “Uncle Thorin, why are Mister Balin and Mister Dwalin so serious? They used to play with me.”

I sighed and standing walked over to him.

I lifted him out of his seat and set him on the floor, “Things have changed Buh, they have a lot of stuff to do.”

“Like what?”

“Like... finding people to go to Erebor with me.”

“But you said Erebor was our home. Why do you need to get people if you are just going to come back here?”

I glanced down at him.

Ah Fili....

He tilted his head in confusion, “This is your home isn’t it? Mister Balin told me that home was where your family was, isn’t this Erebor then?”

I sighed, “Fili, Erebor is a place far away where I used to live. It is our rightful home, but a dragon came and took it over, so we had to flee.”

Fili gasped, “Wait, a REAL dragon?!”

“Yes, a REAL dragon. He came in and took over Erebor, and ever since then, I have wanted to go back and force him back out, so that we can live there again.”

Fili looked confused, “I don’t understand...”

I ruffled his blonde hair, “Someday, you will Fili.”

I packed during the week.

Dis insisted that I take stuff that I normally wouldn’t take, but Balin told me to take it anyway to, “Please the lady.”

Dwalin and Balin came over every night to update the statistics.

The numbers rose quickly.

One night it was twenty-eight and the next night there were thirty-five.

By the end of the week, we had well over fifty men.

Balin sat in the chair across from me and read off the numbers.

“Twenty have come down from the North, the rest are from here, all in all we have approximately...”

He wrote down a figure, “One hundred strong exactically.”

He looked up at me, smiling,”Including us of course.”

I grinned, “Good, do we have enough food?”



Dwalin crossed his arms over his chest, “Yes.”

“Good, we leave tomorrow at first light.”

Both dwarves nodded and smiled at each other.

I got up out of my chair and stretched, “Get some sleep. We leave in a few hours. For Erebor.”

Balin and Dwalin rose from their chairs and bowed, then left.

I smiled and turned back to Dis, who sighed and looked away.

I knew she disapproved.

I turned and went into my room to finish packing.

Dis didn’t sleep that night, and neither did I.

Hagre and Nolla went to bed shortly after supper, but I could still hear Dis in the living room, trying to coax Kili to sleep.

I finished packing my bag, and turned to my desk to see if I would need anything else.

Something caught my eye.

I shoved aside a bunch of loose papers and picked and oaken branch off the shelf.

“Hello there, haven’t seen you in awhile.”

I hefted it onto my left arm and judged it’s weight.


I examined it more closely.

It hadn’t changed a bit.

Like it would.

I sighed and then held it up in front of me in a defensive position.

I smiled and swung it around me.

The perfect size and weight.

I couldn’t think of going to Erebor without it.

I reverently laid it on top of my bag, then thought again.

Something else caught my eye on the shelf.

Aili’s pipe.

I went over and plucked it off the shelf and fingering it, watched as the light reflected off it.

Aili would have gone with me.

I sighed and put the pipe into my pocket.

With a heavy heart, I turned and opened the door to go to the living room.

Dis was in her rocking chair, gently rocking baby Kili.

I crept out as her back was turned to me, and watched for a bit.

Dis didn’t make any sound, but I knew that she was crying.

I walked over to the chair.

Dis slowly looked up and asked softly, “What do you want?”

Without a word, I reached into my pocket and pulled Aili’s pipe out.

Dis glanced at it half heartedly as I put it on her lap.

“For you.”

She looked back up at me, “Thorin, you know I don’t smoke-”

“It was Aili’s.” I interrupted.

Dis’s eyes grew wide.

She looked back down at the pipe, and then picked it up with her free hand.

Tears came to her eyes.

“I -”

“Don’t say anything.” I whispered.

Dis bit her lip and looked down at the pipe.

After a bit I offered, “Get some sleep Dis, I will look after Kili.”

“I don’t want to fall asleep.” Dis answered.

“You need your rest.”

Dis glanced up at me, “I will rest once you leave, you should go get some sleep yourself.”

“I’m not tired.”

Dis sighed and patted the chair next to her, “Then sit.”

I obediently sat down.

Dis sighed and placed Aili’s pipe on the a table.

She looked at it for a bit, then turned to me,”What do you want to talk about?”

I glanced at her, ”I don’t know.”

Dis sighed, “ many dwarves do you know who are going?”

“Well...Balin and Dwalin for think they are the only ones who I know.”

Dis hummed, “Well, at least you know some.”


“I finished packing.”


“Do you mind if I take the Oakenshield?”

Dis glanced at me, “Of course not! That thing saved your life! Take it please!”

I smiled, “Thank you Dis.”

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