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Instalment 7

This one I shorter....I think. -Saphira :)

“Uncle, where did Kili come from?”

I was pulling off Fili’s little suit as he asked me the question.

I pulled off his shirt and without looking at him, slipped his play clothes on.

“Later Buh.”

Dis had fainted sometime after the funeral and was getting sicker by the hour.

It seemed like the whole town was at our house.

I quickly dressed Fili and then picked Kili up out of his cradle and began to dress him.

Fili stood politely to the side and watched.

I went about it stiffly and soon put the baby back into his cradle.

I stood, brushed my hands on my trousers, and walked out into the living room.

Dwalin and Balin were sitting on the couch, while numerous women choked the kitchen and dining room.

I silently sat down on the couch next to Dwalin and Balin and watched as they all bustled about their work.

Fili came and without a word, climbed up onto my lap.

We sat there for a bit before Balin said, “We are truly sorry lad, but we must go.”

Dwalin only nodded, then both brothers stood up and bowing, exited the house.

Immediately, Fili asked, “ were you crying?”

I looked down at his expectant face.

I sighed.

“Because I was sad.”

“Oh.” Fili nodded but then asked again, “Is that why Mother...uh....swooned?”

I started, “ Swooned?”

Fili looked puzzled, “Because Mister Balin told me that she had swooned.”


Mister Balin.


“Oh, you mean in part.”

I glanced down at Fili who beamed.

I sighed.

“Yes, in part.”


“Uncle Thorin?”


“Why are all these girls here?”

“Because they are helping your mother.”

“Helping her do what?”

“Helping her get better.”

“Are you sure they aren’t here for another reason?”

I looked at Fili suspiciously.

He laughed, “You are funny.”

I sighed then said, “Now, Fili, I am pretty sure that they are here for only two reasons, one, your mother, two, Kili. I don’t see why they would be here for any other reason. Can you think of another reason why they would be here?”

I expected a ‘no sir’, but Fili grinned, “They are here because you are handsome?”

Great beards.

“Where did you learn that word from?”

Fili titled his head and laughed, “From Mister Balin!”

I grimaced.

I was going to have a talk with Mister Balin.

“Why did he tell you that word?”

“Because I asked him what handsome meant and he said that it was what Father and you looked like and he said girls like that.”

I groaned.

“Go get Doony and I’ll tell a story.”


Fili bounced off my lap and ran off.

He immediately came back with Doony and I told him a Doony story.

The ladies would often pause to look at us as we did so, with looks of, “Oh what a cute little boy playing with his Uncle!”

I became very self conscious of these looks because of what Fili had said, and eventually became so uncomfortable that I moved us into Fili’s room and finished the story there.

Mister Balin was in for it.

Later that afternoon as Dis and Kili were taking naps, and were in safe hands with mother and the women, I snuck out to go see Balin.

He lived on the edge of town with his brother, Dwalin, in a small house that sometimes I wished I could live in.

Balin and Dwalin slept in two beds in separate corners, with the living room and fireplace in the middle. The kitchen was tucked away into a little corner with a pantry for keeping meat and sometimes bread.

It was humble and small, but that was why I liked it.

I knocked on the door to their house and waited.

Presently, Balin opened the door, and smiled wide when he saw me.

“Thorin! What a surprise! Come in come in!”

I entered their home and Balin closed the door behind me.

Dwalin wasn’t there.


“Please make yourself comfortable, I can get some bread and cheese if you want, or perhaps some water?”

Balin was acting like Dis.

“No thank you, I’ve come to ask you something.”

Balin stopped and sat down in the chair opposite me.

“Is it about the mountain?” His voice rose like a small boy in anticipation.

I smiled, “No, about Fili.”

“Ah.” Balin sat back in his chair, “What about him?”

“He tells me that you tell him words.”

Balin tilted his head, “What words?”

“Words no five year old should learn on his own! Words like.....logical and handsome...and.....Balin, he is so small!”

Balin sighed, “Lad, they have to learn sometime, and besides, he is a big brother now.”

“But logical?”

He chuckled, “Fili asks. I tell him what it means. He is curious. When he hears older people speak, he wants to understand what they mean, he wants to grow up!”

I sighed and sat back on the chair, “I know.”

Balin chuckled again, “They won’t stay young forever Thorin.”

“I wish they did.”

After a silence, I ran my right hand through my hair and said, “Also, he has been telling me something else.”

Balin leaned forward,”Yes?”

I looked at him, “That you want me to.......get married?”

Balin laughed out loud and startled me.

“Ah, Fili, I only mentioned it once to him.”

“Only once? He won’t leave me alone about it!”

Balin chuckled and leaned back, “Perhaps twice.”

I was about to burst out, when Dwalin opened the door and walked in.

We both looked up as he glanced at us, “Tea party?” he asked in his deep voice.

“Ah Dwalin! Back so soon?” Balin rose up to join his brother.

“Not much business.” Dwalin answered.

He took off his gloves and walked over to me.

I stood as he bowed to me, then clasped my head and gave me a friendly headbutt.

He then collapsed on the couch and groaned.

I followed his example as Balin walked into the small kitchen, “Need tea?”

“Yes. Extra sugar.” Dwalin tossed aside his gloves then glanced at me, “How’s Fili?”

“Doing fine.”


“Still not sleeping.”


“Alright...for now, she is resting.”

“Good, what about you?”

“Ah....could use some work.”

“The blacksmith needs help. You could ask there.”

“Thank you.”

“Why are you looking for work laddie?” Balin’s question came from the kitchen.

“Ah.....well.....we’re out of meat.” I rubbed the back of my head, “We can’t always have people bringing food everyday, eventually it’s got to stop, and we would need something to buy meat from the butcher’s shop with...”

Dwalin eyed me, “You can hunt you know.”

I felt even more nervous, “I could but.....I don’t think I can right now...I feel bad about leaving Dis for a day and....after Aili......I....”

Balin came out of the kitchen, carrying a tray of tea, “We know how you feel lad.”

“I could hunt for you.” Dwalin offered.

“Oh....oh no that won’t be necessary, I’m sure I’ll get back into it....just not right now.”

I hated the idea of having to be fed by someone else for longer than necessary.

Dwalin huffed and dropped the subject.

Balin gave us the tea and we drank it gratefully.

After a silence, I sighed and stood up, “Well, thank you for the tea and the advice, I will see you both...sometime.”

“Thank you Thorin.” Balin rose with me.

Dwalin stayed put,”Say hello to the boys for me.”

“I will.” I smiled faintly, then went out.

Fili practically met me at the door.

“Uncle!” He almost screamed.

“Sh!” I scooped him up with one arm and closing the door with the other, walked into the living room.

“What is it?’

“Uncle! I thought you were gone forever!”

“I wasn’t gone forever, just visiting Mister Balin and Mister Dwalin.”

“Oh.” Fili relaxed, “That’s good.”

I set him down on the couch and went into the kitchen.

There were only two women there.

I didn’t question it, and found some bread and cheese and munching on it, went back out into the living room.

Fili hadn’t moved.


“Mmmhm?” I sat down on the couch.

“ Mother going to be alright?”

“Of course!”

Then I realised something, “Buh, where is everyone?”

He twisted his finger around in his hand, “ mother’s room, she got really sick all of a sudden and everyone went to help.”

I suddenly lost my appetite as I stood up.

“Uncle! No! They told us not to go in there!”

I set my mouth and plopped back down onto the couch.

“How long ago?”

“Uh....two minutes?”

A woman came out of the kitchen, hearing our conversation, “Yes sir, she just fainted, and hasn’t woken up, the doctor was called and is in there now, she will be well taken care of.”

For some reason that failed to comfort me.

“Thank you.”

The woman nodded and went back into to the kitchen.

I sighed and waited.

After a few minutes Fili asked, “Uncle?”


Will mother be alright?”

I started, “I told you, of course!”

“Oh..” Fili stammered, “I was just wondering said that Father would be alright and he...he died, and how can you be sure that mother will be alright because.....because...”

I saw Fili was trying to be a big boy and not cry in front of me, but he shed a tear anyway.

He brushed it off his cheek and took a deep breath.

I sighed and gently bent down and lifted him onto my lap.

He buried his face in my chest and grabbed a hold of my braid, “I’m......I’m not going to cry Uncle Thorin.”

I held him, “It’s alright Fili, sometimes it’s good to cry.”

“But I don’t want to!”

I said nothing and stroked his blonde hair.

Just then, we both heard a small baby Kili cry.

Fili looked up at me.

“Race you!” I dumped him on the ground and shot up from off the couch.

“Kili’s mine!” Fili laughed as he crawled under the table, trying to get to Kili first.

“Not if I get there first!”


Fili dashed into the room, me close on his heels.

At the last moment, before Fili grabbed the cradle, I swooped him up by his legs.

“No Uncle!” Fili laughed, clutching at thin air.

“My Kili!” I growled and Fili laughed.

Kili cried again, and I set Fili on my shoulder and bent down to take the baby out of his cradle.

Fili slipped off and watched as I took Kili and sat down in Dis’s rocker.

“Why are you awake all of a sudden?” I asked.

“Maybe, he wants to play!” Fili laid his head on my knees.

“Let’s ask, Kili, do you want to play?”

Fili giggled, “No Uncle! He doesn't understand!”

“Why not?”

Fili laughed harder, “He’s a baby!”

Kili cried and I stood up, “Alright, then, let’s play.”

“Play what?” Fili was skeptical.


“NO!” Shrieked Fili.

He wrapped his arms around my leg and held tight.

Kili cried harder.

“Hmm....what about.....ceiling Doony?”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” Fili groaned, hoping that I wouldn’t actually throw Kili up against the ceiling violently like he was a limp stuffed sheep.

“Everything alright in here?” A lady stuck her head into the room.


“NO!” Fili objected, “Uncle Thorin wants to play with Kili!”

The lady came all the way in and seeing wailing Kili, clucked her tongue.

“Here.” I gently laid Kili into her arms and she took him gratefully.

Within minutes, Kili was fast asleep again due to her soothing tactics.

I let her have Kili for a bit longer.

Me and Fili were too busy playing Big scary dragon to care.

Mother left later that afternoon, saying that she was urgently needed somewhere else.

She really didn’t want to leave with Dis in her condition, but she had to.

She gave Kili and Fili hugs and kisses, saying she would come and visit soon, then told me to take care of everyone before she left.

At dinner, Dis finally came around.

There was great relief for all of us had been very worried, more than we had liked to admit.

Dis was feeling so well actually, that she could sit up in the living room in her rocking chair, quietly rocking Kili.

Seeing Dis up and well must have been good for everyone’s energy as well.

We had a mini party in the living room, where me and Fili danced, sometimes with some dwarven lady I hardly knew.

But I spun everyone around until they begged for me to stop, so happy was I that Dis could actually sit up now.

It was Dis who finally suggested that we all eat some supper before we all went mad.

We all sat around and ate a light supper, before all the ladies had to leave.

I reminded them not to bring any food next time, and they all agreed.

Once the door had closed behind all of them, Dis turned to me, “And why should they not bring any food?”

“I’m going to buy meat from the butcher’s shop.”


There was an uncomfortable silence, but I finally admitted, “I’m not ready to go hunting again Dis.... I’m uncomfortable leaving you with the boys, and I feel....well.....childish not being able to provide for all of us, and having to......wait for ladies to bring us food is.....Ah! I’m going to get a job at the blacksmith to pay for at least some of our food...”

Dis’s eyebrows raised in alarm, “The blacksmith? But Thorin, remember what happened last time! He won’t trust you!”

“He will have to.” I objected, “He knows about what just happened, he will understand....”

“Thorin!” Dis cut me off sharply, “ and your stubborn ways.....Fine. You will go to the blacksmith until you are....ready to go hunt again.”

Dis continued rocking Kili and turned away.

“Just trying to help.” I muttered before turning to head to my room.


I stopped and turned back, “Yes?”

Dis glanced up at me.

“Aili is really gone?”

I smiled sadly, “He’s never gone if we remember him.”

Dis sighed and turned back to Kili.

“Fili, time for bed.”

Fili jumped up, “Yes Mother!”

He ran into his room with his toys.

I smiled and followed him.

The next day, I went in to town to go to the blacksmith.

He added me on without comment and he put me to work almost immediately.

I worked until dinner, then went back home.

All the ladies were leaving as I entered the house, but Dis still had some soup for me.

I was filthy, but went right to sleep anyway.

For the next week, this was the routine, I woke, went to work, came home and slept.

But I managed to get enough money to buy all the food we needed for the week.

Dwalin and Balin visited the house regularly, but often when I wasn’t there.

Fili told me all about their visits when I came home.

Every time he told me these stories however, he also mentioned a new word Balin had taught him.

It seemed that everyday, he leaned a new word.

I wasn’t sure if it was a good or bad thing.

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