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Instalment 10

Yes, it is Christmas eve, Hope everyone is having a good time! :)

So, as promised, here is the next one. Not exactly what you would call pleasant, and not what you would want to read on a nice evening, but here it is. :)

So, if anyone is indeed reading this, enjoy! -Saphira


We stayed up together for the whole night.

When it was about time to leave, Dis woke Fili up and helped me get some food packed.

Balin came around the time when the sun was about to crest over the mountains, with some of the men and a pony for me.

I said goodbye to Fili, gave his sleepy head a kiss, then held Kili for a bit before giving him a goodbye kiss as well.

I lastly turned to Dis, who looked like she was going to burst into tears.

I gave her a parting hug that lasted for far too long, but Balin gave us time.

I kissed the top of her head, and breaking free of the embrace, smiled and closed the door behind me.

I mounted the pony Balin offered me and took up the head of the line.

After making sure my bags were securely tied to the pony, the Oakenshield was firmly in place and that my sword was strapped to my side, we set off.

The sun bathed the town in a pale light as we met up with Dwalin and the rest of the company.

Balin gave me a map, and we set off to the direction of the mountain.

The air was cold and crisp and made me wrap my coat around myself.

We passed over a little stream by means of a bridge, and entered the forest.

Sunlight streamed through the treetops, and by its light I could see my breath.

The dwarves behind me were silent for awhile, but after we exited the forest and came upon a field, they began talking loudly.

I entertained myself by listening to the talk behind me, and occasionally chimed in when it suited me.

The line began to spread out, but they always kept their distance from me, not daring to pass my pony.

Balin rode up to me and we exchanged smiles,” Good Morning Thorin.”

“Good Morning, how far do you think we will get by tonight?”

“Ah...far enough. But from wherever we decide to camp for the night, we will only have a thirty day journey left, shorter than I had expected.”


Dwalin then rode up on his white pony, “Goodmorning.”

“Goodmorning.” I replied, “Get any sleep?”


“Well, you are not alone, I stayed up all night with Dis.”

“Ah.” Balin apparently understood, “She had a hard time letting you go?”


“Well, that’s what you get with women, they claim that they will do fine, but once the men leave for the first time on a long trip, they tend to get scared.”

I smiled and huffed, “How come you know so much about women Balin?”

Balin smiled, “I have my secrets.”

I exchanged a glance with Dwalin, “Really?”

“Really.” Balin responded, “And for another thing, men will be wishing to see women after they have been on a long trip.”

He stated it as if it was a proven fact.

“Have you experienced this personally?” I asked, suspicious.

Balin chuckled, “Once or twice.”

I glanced at Dwalin who shrugged.

Balin was interesting.

By midday, we stopped for a brief meal, before continuing on.

Storm clouds were rolling in over the mountains and a chill had begun to spring up in the wind.

We saw a few flashes of lightning as the storm clouds came on, and I ordered everyone to get out their coats.

A few dwarves glanced at the mountain and asked one another if they had heard about the legends of the Stone Giants.

Most had.

They were told to be the cause of thunderstorms in the mountains.

It was said that thunderstorms started because one Stone giant would wake because of all the rain, and seeing another Stone giant, he would take a chunk of rock off the mountain and throw it at the other one.

The other giant would wake up, and begin to fight the one that had thrown the rocks.

The result was that the bright flashes of light were caused when the giants clashed together, and the thunder was the sound they made.

The Thunder battles ended when the rain stopped, because that was what brought them to life.

Of course, no one really believed that these Thunder battles really existed, because only a few had seen them, and even they were not entirely sure they had.

Even so, it began pouring soon after we had entered another forest.

Everyone’s cloaks were almost soaked immediately, and even my heavy fur coat was drenched within a few minutes.

Water dripped off my nose and onto my hands, that were already cold from the wind.

Soon, it was obvious that the rain was turning into snow on the mountains.

Balin rode up to me and stated, “We left too late, winter is coming on.”

“It doesn't matter.” I responded and said no more.

Balin retreated back into line, as we plodded on.

It rained all day.

By nightfall, it had just begun to lighten off.

We made camp in a clearing that was not as soaked as the forest around it.

I set up men to be the guards around the camp, with Dwalin in charge of all the ponies.

The company cook made us a hot soup over a large fire, and we all ate it, half frozen as the sun went down.

I sat next to Balin who was trying to dry his papers over the fire without burning them.

He occasionally asked me to help, but mostly did it himself.

By the time they were all done, the sun had gone down and I was beginning to make out stars.

Balin ate some soup, then went to go give Dwalin some.

I leaned up against a tree and watched as all the rest of the dwarves settled in for the night who weren’t on guard duty.

As silence fell over the camp, I yelled so everyone could hear, “We leave tomorrow at first light!”

A grumble of indistinct murmurs followed.

I sighed and pulled my blankets tighter around me.

I looked up at the stars through the trees.

I grimaced and rolled over.

Either something was wrong with me, or Balin was indeed intelligent about women.

Because all I could think about was Dis.

The next morning, Balin had to wake me up in order to get going.

We had a small breakfast, in the morning dew which was frozen.

It seemed colder than yesterday, and every breath came out as a puff of white steam.

Nevertheless, we warmed up our ponies, and as soon as we could, got on them and headed out.

The sky was clear, and cold air nipped at my hands and face.

I slipped on the extra gloves Dis had insisted that I pack, glad that Balin had told me to keep them.

I sent out scouts soon after, and they came back, reporting Warg tracks, but old ones, so we kept on.

As the trip progressed, a few of the men came up and introduced themselves.

I met Hagre’s husband and Nolla’s father, Dorn.

He was a cheerful man, like Hagre, and mentioned how glad he was to have his family helping Dis, and his delight on coming with me to Erebor.

There was also, Lon, the blacksmith from the north, Dori, the dwarf who lived in the country with his two brothers, Rimor, the older dwarf who had lived in Erebor longer than me, and Melior, who was helping Dwalin with the horses.

I had met a lot more dwarves before we broke for a quick lunch.

I took my food from the cook and leaned up against a tree to eat it.

Dwalin and Balin soon followed me, and we all stood together and watched as the other men talked.

Presently, as I was almost done with my food, the scout, Orik, came up to me, “Sir! We spotted a Warg near the falls, he ran as soon as we saw him, but I have set up a watch to be on the lookout for more.”

“Good.” I replied, and Orik bowed and retreated.

I sighed and turned to Balin and Dwalin, “Do you think we are being followed?”

They glanced at each other then Dwalin turned to me, “Let’s wait. A few footprints and a Warg are not enough to prove that they are after us.”

Balin nodded, “And besides, why would Wargs want to come after a group this big? Give it a day laddie, perhaps they are just following us because of the ponies.”

“I will set up more guards.” Dwalin reassured.

“Good.” I ate the last of my food, then went to go give the bowl back to the cook.

We continued on.

The scouts reported their progress back to me every ten minutes.

No Wargs were seen after the first one for quite awhile, until we were about to make camp.

Orik came running up to me and exploded, “A Warg pack has been spotted! We believe they are traveling alongside us, but they are quite a long while off.”

“Thank you Orik, tell me if you see them again.”

The scout bowed and sprinted off.

I turned to Dwalin, who shrugged and ignored me.

I sighed.


We began again after lunch.

The ponies were cold and tired, but we trudged on.

At one point, I got off my pony to walk beside him, just to stretch my legs and perhaps give the pony a break.

Orik reported Warg sightings almost every minute.

He said that they were getting closer.

That unnerved me.

Wargs never got close to a company this big, unless they were accompanied by orcs.

I told Orik to alert me if the Wargs got closer than a mile, and then ordered everyone to be on their guard.

We were on our guard for the entire afternoon, watching for Wargs.

But they never came.

By evening, we set up a highly secured camp, with a huge bonfire of dry wood to perhaps deter the Wargs.

The cook made us all soup and I helped hand it out to the guards.

It was pitch black in the forest.

Something wasn’t right.

I finished giving out food, and then leaned up against a tree and watched as the company settled down for the night.

I got a strange feeling in my gut, that slowly subsided as Dwalin came over.

He crossed his arms and looked at the camp with me.

“On edge?”

“I can’t get this feeling off me that...something’s wrong.” I admitted.

Dwalin nodded and said nothing.

We stood in silence.

Suddenly, a bloodcurdling shriek split the night.

My spine tingled as I reached for my sword.

Everyone fell silent and those who had been preparing for bed, rose up, grabbing for weapons.

Dwalin didn’t move, “Orcs.”

I glanced at him, “Orcs?”

“They are probably far from here, and orc scream can be heard about ten miles off.”

“Ten miles is a short distance for a Warg.” I mentioned.

Dwalin glanced at me, “They are most likely few in number.”

I looked away from him and sighed, “A night raid by orcs is not to be laughed at.”

Dwalin said nothing.

Balin came running up to us from the side, out of breath.

He bowed to me, “Thorin, the scouts have failed to report, they have been gone for a long while.”

I started, as Dwalin asked, “How long?”

“About twenty minutes.”

There was another scream.

I glanced around at the camp.

Most of the men were on their feet, brandishing weapons.

I felt a surge of uneasiness myself, but put a calm face on it.

“We should move.” Dwalin said quietly.

“Agreed.” Balin answered.

“Wait.” I stopped them, “What if they want us to move?”

The brothers looked at me.

I continued, “What if they want us to move, so that we would be spread out, unorganized, if the worst came, we could climb the trees.”

I gestured to the sturdy oaks that surrounded the clearing.

I knew Balin would object, and he did, “But Thorin, a hundred men!”

“And Wargs can climb.” Dwalin added.

“Not like bears. Balin, Dwalin, I’ve seen Wargs. They can hardly make it halfway up a tree! If we stay here, where there are trees, we will be able to climb them, and perhaps drive them away, but if we move, we’ll be disorganized prey.”

The brothers glanced at each other.

Balin sighed and bowed to me, “Yes Thorin.”

He turned and walked away.

Dwalin didn’t look at me as I glanced up at him, “I don’t like it.”

“Nether do I. But you know Wargs almost as well as I do.”

Dwalin huffed, “Better.”

I allowed a brief smile, “Alright, you do know them better.”

“You know, I’ve always wondered how..”


The shout rose from the outside of the camp.

After a start, Dwalin and I were instantly battle ready, and facing where the attack came from, Dwalin wielding his axes, and me, hefting the Oakenshield in front of me with my sword at the ready.

The men all shouted as they scrambled for weapons and rose to their feet, making a circle around the bonfire.

We all faced the black forest, ready for and attack at any moment.

All of a sudden, I saw out of the corner of my eye, two glowing eyes in the darkness of the forest.

Without warning, the Warg growled and threw himself into the light, snapping his jaws at the nearest dwarf.

With a shout, the dwarf swung his axe at the Wargs head and made contact, downing it.

A few other dwarves rushed up and dispatched the Warg with a few stabs from their weapons.

A second later, I saw Wargs charge out of the woods, almost all with bloodthirsty orcs on their backs.

“LOOK OUT!” I bellowed and as a Warg pounced upon me.

I swung my sword and knocked it down.

The orc on top of it screamed and flung himself at me.

The Oakenshield took a heavy beating, but nothing compared to some beatings it had seen.

With a yell and a mighty blow, I severed the orc’s head from his body.

Almost instantly, another Warg was upon me, jumping over the dead Warg and aiming for my neck.

I gave it a taste of steel then stabbed my sword up it’s throat.

Blood spurted everywhere and I quickly retrieved my sword to fend off another orc.

It was chaos.

I could hardly see much because of the darkness in contrast to the bright light of the bonfire, but I could see that there was an entire legion of orcs streaming out from the forest, screaming and swiping at dwarves left and right.

Dwarves yells mingled with the screams and howls of the orcs and Wargs.

I threw myself into the vigor of the battle.

A warg bit me on the right shoulder and I yelled, hacking at it until it ran off.

Blood poured from the wound, and I could hardly lift my arm, but my left side, with the Oakenshield was still able to defend me.

Clenching my teeth, I ignored the pain and hurled myself at and orc that was trying to get at Dwalin.

I hacked that Orc to pieces it seemed, and covered in my own blood, and the blood of orcs and Wargs, I snarled and fought off enemies trying to get at Dwalin.

We fought side by side most of the time, Dwalin receiving a cut to the leg, and I, managing to acquire another wound on my hand.

I didn’t know how long we fought, but there always seemed to be twenty Wargs for every Dwarf in the company.

One time, I got dragged by my leg halfway across the field by a Warg, before Balin sprinted up and hacked it’s head off.

And orc even tried to choke me, but with a backwards slam from the Oakenshield, he fell and I turned and finished him off.

One moment I would be fighting a Warg, and the next, I would find it dead at my feet, and a gash on my thigh which I had no memory of receiving.

I heard the muffled shouts and yells of Dwarves and the howling of the Wargs, dimly.

I focused on the fight, not on the details.

I ran past a dead orc, only to realise that it wasn’t an orc.

It was a dwarf.

In cold fury, I ignored all pain and hurling myself at a cluster of Wargs, killed five in order to account for the dwarf’s death.

I ran past the dwarf again to make sure he wasn’t Dwalin or Balin.

He wasn’t.

But it was someone else.


Dwalin’s friend.

His head was covered in his own blood.

Like Alii.

I ran on.

And fought some more.

The orcs and Wargs seemed to have no end to their numbers.

I finally noticed, besides the constant fighting, that there was a slight pink hue to the sky.

The sun is coming up?

How long have we been fighting?

I slashed at a Warg, then tried to see behind the blood on my face and my entangled hair at the sky.

The sun was coming up.

I stared for awhile too long, trying to comprehend what had just happened.

I suddenly felt very tired.

I blinked and tried to regain my balance.

Suddenly, something tossed me into the air from behind.

I landed on the dirt with a loud “Ah!”

I couldn’t reach my sword that had been wrenched from my hands.

A large mouth closed over my body, and completely engulfed my left arm.

The jaws bit down, and for the first time in awhile, I felt gut wrenching pain.

I yelled.

The teeth closed in deeper and I tried hacking at the Warg with my right arm, which was swollen and almost useless.

The Warg lifted me up into the air, digging it’s teeth into my skin.

I clenched my teeth and then let out the strongest yell I could muster.

The Warg, a bit shocked, shook me violently, then dropped me.

I didn’t feel anything as I dropped to the ground.

But then my nerves awoke.

Despite myself, I shouted in pain.

The Warg came back for the final bout, but as he charged, he promptly ran into Dwalin’s axe.

Dwalin swung mightily and finished the Warg off with one blow, then ran over to me.

“Thorin!” He fell on his knees, throwing his axes aside, and clasped my head in his hands, “Thorin wake up!”

His face was covered in blood, his own I didn’t know.

I opened my mouth to answer, but no words came out.

Dwalin’s eyes turned wide, “Don’t you dare!”

I swallowed, tasting blood, “Dwalin...”

He let go of my head and I struggled to sit up.

Dwalin put a hand behind my back and tried to help me.

I didn’t get far before my vision darkened.

I lost all of what was left of my strength and collapsed, letting Dwalin support me.

“Thorin, listen to me...” Dwalin’s words were muffled and I didn’t try to make them out.

I’m going to die. Was my only thought.

With the very last of what I had, I murmured, “Don't tell Dis.”

And slipped into darkness.

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  2. Wow.....thanks! I rarely get comments like that! I'm glad you like it! (P.S. Your comment totaly made my day. ) -Saphira :)

    1. for the record, my weak fan-fics of wee little fili and kili are nothing in comparison with this. where do you get your epic ideas, if you won't mind my asking? •-• (p.s. as did yours! :)

    2. -blushes- Well, I wish it could be as epic as I would like it to be. I get some of my ideas from Pinterest, but mostly I just make them up. :) -Saphira

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