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Installment 8

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This one is kinda short. -Saphira

As Dis became healthier, we needed less women to care for her, and didn’t need to depend on their constant supply of food, as I brought back enough meat to supply us for the whole week.

Finally, I felt comfortable enough that when our supply of food ran out, that I would go hunting.

The Blacksmith hired someone else and for the first time in a week, I slept in.

When I woke up the next morning, I smelled pancakes cooking.

Of course, who could pass that up?

Still in my sleepwear and looking like I had survived a Warg fight, I entered the living room.

Fili was on the floor, talking to Kili.

Dis was nowhere to be seen, but I heard the indistinct murmur of voices in the kitchen.

“You know, when you grow up to be like me..” Fili was saying, “You won’t have to lay there on the floor and be helpless. Mister Balin told me that helpless means that you can’t do anything for yourself, and you have to have Mother and Uncle Thorin help you.”

Kili didn’t say anything.

“You know what else?” Fili asked him, “I love you.”

I smiled and walked into the room.

Fili’s head jerked up and when he saw me, he beamed, “Good Morning Uncle! Mother is making pancakes!”

“Really?” I asked, surprised that Dis was up so early.

I walked into the kitchen to see Dis and two other women cooking pancakes over the kitchen fire.

It smelled beautiful.

“Goodmorning Dis.”

Dis and the two other women looked up.

Seeing me, must have been a shock for them, I looked half dead and filthy, but Dis smiled anyway.

“Thorin! Goodmorning! We have some pancakes!”

Dis stood up straight, and picking up a plate of pancakes, came over to me.

“Smells wonderful.” I commented as she handed me the plate.

Dis smiled, “Thorin, meet my two helpers, Hagre and her daughter Nolla.”

Both women bowed as their names were mentioned.

Hagre looked older, but still cheery, and her daughter looked just as happy to be here.

I bowed in return then turned to Dis, “Just them?”

She smiled, “I hoped you would like it, not so many women, but just enough that I can have help. I’ve set up cots in my room for them because they will be staying here for a bit, or at least until I feel good enough to be on my own. You don’t mind do you?”

“Why would I mind?” I began to eat the pancakes, “So long as they make pancakes every morning, I’m happy they are here.”

They all laughed as I headed to the table.

Fili was upon me in and instant, “Aren’t they good? I’ve had ten.”

“Ten? Great beards Fili, when did you grow that stomach?”

“Last night.” Fili stated proudly, “Mister Balin said that it was a sign that I was big enough to hunt with you!”

“Really? Well in that case...”

“Thorin!” Dis strode out of the kitchen, “He can’t go hunting!”

“Why not?”

“He’s five!”


“SO?! Thorin, he can hardly fend for himself!”

I shoved another pancake into my mouth.

Dis sighed, “Fine, say nothing. But my five year old son is not going hunting with you!”

I shrugged and continued eating.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

“Got it.” Nolla was out of the kitchen and at the door in an instant.

She opened it and I heard Balin’s voice, “Hello there lass, is Thorin home?”

“Why..yes of course, please come in. We have pancakes and toast if you want.”

“No thank you lass.”

I got up out of my chair as Balin walked in, followed by Dwalin.

“Good morning.” I said.

“Good morning.” replied Dwalin, looking me over, “Had a fight?”

“Thorin, we need you to look over something.” Balin fingered some papers in his hand.

I walked over to them, and took the papers that Balin handed out to me.

Once quick glance showed me what they were for.

I looked at Balin, “Erebor?”

He nodded.

I quickly walked back over to the table and putting my pancakes aside, examined the papers.

“Thorin, what is it?”  Dis asked form the kitchen doorway, sounding concerned.

Fili crawled over to me and set his hands on my legs, “Uncle?”

Dis rushed to the table and bent over my shoulder to have a look.

Dwalin and Balin took seats opposite me and watched.

Dis gasped, “Erebor?”

I nodded.

“What does Erebor mean?” Fili asked.

Dis gathered him up in her arms and held him without saying anything.

“But...wasn’t Erebor destroyed by Smaug?” Nolla asked.

“Hush!” Her mother chided but Balin answered, “No, not destroyed lass, just...taken over.”

“Can we have any tea?” Dwalin asked, and immediately, the three women went back into the kitchen to prepare some, leaving Fili on my lap and Dwalin and Balin staring at me intently to see what my reaction would be.

Finally, after reading all the pages, I looked up.

“How soon do we leave?”

“As soon as we can.” Answer Balin.

I tapped my fingers on the pages and looked down at them.

“It’s a long way.”

“But the mountain Thorin! Erebor! What of the Arkenstone?”

I glanced up at that.

“How many do we have?”

“Only us as far as we know.” replied Dwalin.

I sighed, “That is not enough, we must gather and army to slay that dragon!”

“We will lad, we just need time!” Balin said.

“Give us five days.” Dwalin added.

Balin glanced at him in disbelief, “Five days?”

Dwalin looked back at him, “Yes.” Then he glanced back at me.

“There are many who still remember the mountain, the fire of revenge still burns in their hearts. We are still mostly all together, we can march upon the mountain and take back Erebor!”

There was a silence as they both waited for my answer.

Finally I looked back up at them, “Get as many men as you can, we leave in five days.”

Both brothers grimly nodded.

Balin took back the papers as Fili asked, “Uncle, what’s Erebor?”

“Our home.” Was my response.

Hagre walked into the room, carrying a tray of tea, and set it on the table.

Nolla followed, carrying a jar of sugar.

I watched in silence as Dwalin and Balin made their tea, with extra sugar for Dwalin.

Dis then walked in and offered everyone pancakes, but I politely refused.

My appetite had disappeared.


Our home, within our grasp.

The dragon Smaug had not shown himself for ten years.

Perhaps he was gone.

I watched as everyone sat around the table and ate, and ignored the worried glances Dis gave me.

Finally, she exploded, “What’s going on? Why is there Erebor?”

Balin glanced at Dwalin who didn’t look up, but simply gestured at me.

All the women turned to face me, expecting an answer.

I sighed and fingered the edge of the table, “We are going after Smaug. We leave in five days to retake Erebor.”

There was a hushed gasp from Nolla as I looked up at them.

Dis had gone pale, “Thorin...you can’t be serious.”

I looked into her eyes, telling her that I was.

She glanced at Dwalin and Balin, who gave her the same serious look.

Kili began to cry, and Hagre stood up to go get him.

Dis sat back in her chair and gasped out, “Erebor...”

She put a hand to her mouth and shot out a quick breath.

She then sat up in her chair and placed her hands on the table, “But Thorin! It’s dangerous! A Dragon! And it’s so far.....you can’t just leave me like this!”


I reached across the table and took her hand, “Erebor. Just think of it. The ancient city of the Dwarves. Our home! Don’t you want to see it?”

Dis’s eyes got watery, “But Thorin, not right after Aili...”

“But you have Hagre and Nolla to look after you and the boys! You’ll be fine! We will only be gone for a little while and we will recapture Erebor.”

Dis blinked back tears, “But....but what if you don’t? I can’t lose you! Not now! Not right after.....”

“I will only be gone for a bit.” I repeated, “We will retake it soon enough and then I will come back and bring you and the boys with me and we will go live in the mountain! Peace will be restored! Don’t you want that?”

“I don’t want to see the mountain if it involves losing you! I....you’re all I have Thorin!”

I sat back in my chair and glanced at Balin and Dwalin who both sipped their tea, seeming to enjoy this.

Finally, I sighed and turned back to Dis, “Look, if we can’t find enough Dwarves, we won’t go.”

Balin started and began to rise from his chair, but Dwalin pushed him back down, “Wait.”

I glanced at them then continued on with Dis, “We only have five days, and if we can’t gather fifty men by then, we won’t go, at least until later.”

Dis bit her lip and looked down at the table.

Hagre brought Kili to her, and Dis glanced up, then with a sigh, took Kili onto her lap.

She rocked him for a bit then said, “Alright, Thorin. Find the men....and keep to your word, I won’t have you leaving with forty-nine Dwarves.”

I smiled and looked back at Dwalin and Balin, who both returned the grin.

We had permission!

To Erebor.

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  1. I can just imagine Dwalin and Balin sitting back in their chairs, with their feet up on in the table, tea cups in hand, being amused with Thorin and Dis:)


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