Friday, November 1, 2013

Introduction / Chapter 1

Hi there! A friend of mine asked me to post a story so that she could read it, so I did.

It's a story about Thorin Oakensheild from The Hobbit. (1st person, I write better that way.)

The story is rather intense, but not so intense that you run screaming out of the room. (Unless you are scared of blood.)

The story begins in the Blue Mountains, a few years after Smaug took over Erebor, and a few less years after the battle for Moria.

There are many different ideas from different people on what Kili and Fili's father's name was, and what he looked like and so on.

In this story, Fili and Kili's father's name is Aili (Say it like you would Kili: A-lee) and he has dark hair, and a short beard,( like Thoirn's, in honor of those who died defending the mountain.)

Dis is Thorin's sister and Aili's wife, she also has dark hair.

And Kili isn't born yet probably want to know that.

The "Chapters" are short, and hopefully easy to read.

If anything is unclear, feel free to question me.

This is supposed to inspire emotion in you, so please tell me if the story is unemotional or bland, and that would help me. (I'm not very good at writing emotion.)

Thank you, and Enjoy!

-Saphira :)


“Darling, stop.”

“Don’t call me darling!” Dis practically yelled.

“Alright.” I watched as she fussed over little Fili, who had hit his head on the table.

He smiled up at me, “It doesn't hurt much Uncle! Am I a big boy now?”

I grinned, “Yes you are Fili.” I would have hugged him, had not Dis been in the way.

“And when I’m six,” Fili continued, “I’ll be and even bigger boy!”  

“Oof, your right.” Dis straightened up and groaned, placing her hands on her back, “Thorin, when is Aili coming home?”

“He said around supper time.” I replied. Dis hummed and kissed little Fili’s head, “Go on now.”

“Yes mother.” Fili jumped down off the couch and ran off to his room.

I chuckled and Dis looked at me strangely, “You laugh as though hitting his head was a good thing!”

“He needs to learn to take the pain.”

“He is only five!”

“He will be a big brother soon.”

“Ah!” Dis gave up and went into the kitchen, muttering.

I smiled and sat down.

Presently, Fili came around the corner and looked at me, “Uncle Thorin?”


“Where do babies come from?”

I grimaced, “Not now.”

“Alright. Mother?” Fili trotted off to the kitchen.

“Yes Fi?”

“Where do babies come from?”

I heard a sigh.


“He asked!” I objected.

Dis appeared around the corner, wiping her hands on her apron, “What have you been telling him?”


She sighed and patted Fili’s head, “Go play until supper.”

“Yes Mother.”

Dis went back into the kitchen and Fili ran up to me, “Uncle Thorin? Can I play with you?”

I glanced at him, “That depends....IF YOU WANT TO PLAY BIG SCARY DRAGON!”

Fili shrieked as I jumped up from the couch and chased him around the room, growling.

“Uncle! Uncle!” Fili laughed and ran under the table.

I fell down on all fours, and looked under, “He’s gonna get you!”

“No!” Fili laughed and ran out from under the table and fell onto the couch.

I followed him and scooped him up, “Dragon’s going to eat you!”

Fili was laughing so hard, he could barely gasp out, “NO!”

“Thorin, please don’t kill my son.” Dis called from the kitchen.

“I won’t.” I reassured and tossed Fili onto the couch. He laughed.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

“Father!” Fili was instantly up, and ran to the door as fast as his little feet could carry him.

“Is he back?” Dis walked out of the kitchen.

Fili opened the door, “Father!”

“Hi Buh, look out!” Aili heaved himself into the house, hauling a giant deer.

“Oh Aili...” Dis breathed as I helped him carry the deer onto the table.

“Where did you get this one?” I asked.

“Oh, near the creek.” Aili grunted as we put the deer on the table.

Dis groaned, “Not on the table!”

“Why not?” Aili wiped his hands on his trousers and then closed the door. He rubbed Fili’s blonde head and then walked over to Dis, “What’s for dinner?”

Dis stared in horror at the dead deer on her dining table.

“Well, obviously raw deer. Aili that’s my table!”

Aili looked at the deer then back at Dis, “You don’t like it?” He mocked sadness.

“Well, not on my table!”

Aili laughed and then kissed her.

Fili groaned and turned away covering his eyes, “Dros.”

We all shared a laugh then Aili and I moved the deer from the table to the shed, where we skinned most of it before Dis called us to dinner.

We washed hands then sat down at her table.

Dis placed Fili in his chair, then sat down with a sigh of contentment.

We ate Dis’s meal and then all helped Fili get ready for bed.

As I tucked him in he whispered, “Uncle Thorin?”


“Will you tell me where babies come from?”

“Ah...someday Fili.”

He smiled and snuggled under the covers, “Alright.”

I let Dis come in, so she could kiss him goodnight, and walked out to the living room, where Aili was smoking.

“I like the name Kili.”

“What?” I sat down next to him.

“Kili, if it’s a boy, and maybe Sif if it’s a girl.”

“No.” Dis walked in and closed Fili’s door behind her, “You got to name Fili, I get to name this one. I like Hogart.”

“Hogart?” Aili looked up, “What kind of name is that?”

Dis sat down next to him, “It’s my kind of name.”

Alil puffed on his pipe, “Well, it can be Hogart, but if we have another, It’s Kili.”

“Alright.” Dis leaned up against Aili, “Your way.”

I smiled, “Well, time for bed, I’ll see you both in the morning.”

“Goodnight.” Aili said.

“Goodnight darling.” Dis glanced up at me, smiling.

I huffed and shook my head.
Well, that was a chapter, There is a lot more to it, so sit tight.

(If I can find my way around here.)

:) -Saphira


  1. Hi Saphira! I saw you nominated me for the writer's blog tour thingy. Thanks! I probably won't get around to it for a while. I love your book so far. I have always loved the Line of Durin. I love it! Fili is so cute! I hope you have a great week! :D


    1. Thanks Hope! 'm glad you are enjoying it so far! Have a great week as well! :)

  2. Oh. My. Word. This was AMAZING! "Uncle, where do babies comes from?" Pahahahaha! I can so imagine this happening:) I was smiling throughout the whole time I was're an awesome writer:) I just found you blog and am starting to read your story:)


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