Friday, November 29, 2013

Installment 5

I crept out and found Dis in the kitchen.

“Fili’s asleep.”


Dis sighed and bent over her soup again.

After a silence, she asked, “What will you do when the baby comes?”

“I don’t know, freak out?”

Dis smiled briefly, and then stood up straight.

She placed the stirring spoon on the counter and sighed.

A few tears came to her eyes.

Dis looked up at me, then with a sudden burst of emotion embraced me, sobbing.

I wrapped my arms around her as best I could and tried to comfort her.

“Why Thorin? Why?” Dis sobbed.

I said nothing and stroked her long black hair.

After hearing her cry for awhile, she asked, “Why don’t you ever cry Thorin?!”

I didn’t answer.

Dis hit me hard on my chest., “It’s like you're not alive! Does this not matter to you?!”

I swallowed and waited as Dis pounded on me a few more times before she dissolved into tears.

I felt a lump in my throat as I kissed the top of her head.

“I’m glad you don’t cry.” Dis sobbed, “If you did, we would all be a mess.”

I suppressed a bought of tears by taking a deep breath.

Dis brought herself away from me and looked me in the eye.

My vision was blurry, but I wiped it away with a few blinks.

Dis smiled briefly and wiped her eyes on her apron, then reached to wipe mine for me.

I pushed her hand away, “Dis...” I began, but she stopped me.

“Let me.”

So I let her.

We stood there for awhile before Dis remembered her soup and tended to it.

I went and sat down at the table.

Fili soon poked his head out of his room.

“Uncle Thorin?”

I turned, “Yes?”

“Why was Mother hitting you?”

“Nothing, go back to bed Fili.”

Fili slunk away into his room.

I sat and thought, fingering Aili’s pipe in my pocket.

After a bit, Fili poked his head back out again, “Uncle?”

I sighed, “Yes?”

“I’m sad.”

I paused then said, “Come here.”

Fili obediently trotted up to me and waited by the chair.

I picked him up and set him on my lap.

“Why are you sad?”

“Well, I know Father is in heaven and all that stuff, but....can I still talk to him?”

I sighed, “That depends Fili, do you want him to hear you?”

Fili nodded.

I smiled, “Then of course you can. He will always listen. He will.....always have time for his big boy Fili right?”

I ruffled Fili’s blonde hair and he laughed, “Yes Uncle.”

Dis came out of the kitchen with three bowls of soup and set them on the table.

“Careful, they are hot.”

Fili eagerly grabbed his but made no move to get off my lap.

I ate over Fili as he blew violently on his soup, threatening to wet the table.

“Careful Buh.” I said, using Aili’s term for Fili.

Dis glanced up at me and smiled slightly.

We finished the soup and Dis took the bowls to the kitchen, while I played with Fili on the floor.

It had only been a few hours since Aili had died, but Fili was still happy.

I played with him, even though all my energy was draiend and I was numb.

I didn’t know why I did it.

Perhaps to distract myself.

Somehow, it worked.

Dis went into labor an hour later.

I ran for the doctor, but instead ran into Dwalin.

We gathered a bunch of Dis's friends, then I locked myself and Fili into his room.

Fili was sitting tence on the bed, “Uncle Thorin? What’s happening?”

I calmed myself and sat down on his bed, “You’re going to be a big brother soon.”

Fili didn’t look comforted, “Why is Mother crying?”

I ignored that one.

“Fili, come here.”

The boy scooted onto my lap and looked up at me.

“Right now, It’s Fili and Uncle Thorin time alright?”

Fili smiled, “Alright.”

“Now, do you want to hear a story?”

Fili gasped in happiness, “About Doony!?” He held up his stuffed floppy sheep.


Fili bounced off my lap and sat down on the bed, looking up at me in anticipation.

“Alright, one day, Doony was walking down a street, when he saw a....BEAR!”

Fili gasped, “Oh no!”

“But Doony wasn’t scared because he was a brave little sheep, so he walked right up to that bear and introduced himself.”

“Wow, Doony is brave.” Fili whispered

“So then the bear wanted to eat Dooney because he was such a tasty looking sheep and then....”

I had finished about three Dooney stores by the time Fili complained that he was thirsty and wanted to go out and see Mother.

“No Buh, we have to stay here.”


“Because....It’s Fili and Uncle Thorin time.”

Fili glanced at me suspiciously.

“Alright......can I ask you a question?”


Fili brightened up, “Where do babies come from?”

I smacked my head.



“.....Let’s talk about something else...”


For the next three hours we played horses and dragons and brave warriors.

The minutes passed and I tried not to show it, but I began to get more and more worried.

Fili noticed anyway.



“Why are you worried?”


Fili nodded and looked up at me with his big eyes, expecting a lengthy and eloquent speech to look into my heart.

I sighed, knowing I couldn’t avoid the question with, “What do you want to play now?”

“It’s been awhile.” I finally admitted, hoping he would be too confused to press the matter.

Fili jumped up onto my lap and smiled, “It’s alright, I’m hungry too.”

It was getting dark and Fili was really beginning to complain that he needed a drink, when I began to get so worried, I couldn’t play with him anymore.

Why was it taking so long?

I sat on the bed and thought while Fili playing on my knee, tried to stay awake.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

I stood up so fast, I dumped Fili on the floor and smashed my head into a shelf on the wall at the same time.


Mumbling under my breath and rubbing my injured head, I picked Fili off the floor with one hand and set him on the bed before he could do anything.

“Come in!” I called.

The door opened a crack and a young dwarf woman stuck her head into the room.

“Are you the father?”

My heartbeat tripled as I tried to study her face.

Good news?


All I got out of her expression was that I vaguely remembered seeing her before.

“Uh...I’m the Uncle...”

She beamed, “Dis would like to see you.”

I sighed.

Good news.

I shrugged my aching shoulders and turned to Fili, “Stay here Buh.”

He nodded, probably still too shocked from me shoving him to the floor to say anything.

I shut the door behind me and followed the woman out to Dis’s room.

It was so clean, and there were many more women than I had anticipated all bustling about.

I felt out of place, being the only man there, but once I saw that Dis was laying peacefully in her bed, I felt relieved.

I rushed over to her and knelt down next to her bedside, “Dis?”

She slowly turned her head and smiled, “Hello Thorin.”

“Are you alright?”

In response, she handed me a little bundle which was sleeping peacefully.

I accepted it reverently as Dis gently laid it in my arms.

The baby opened it’s mouth in a little yawn, then went back to sleep.

Despite myself I felt a rush of pride.


“His name is Kili.”

I glanced at Dis, “But....I thought you liked Hogart...”

She smiled sadly, “Aili liked Kili......So do I.”

I glanced back down at Kili’s pink baby face.

I smiled.

He was just like Fili.

“He looks like a pig.”

“Thorin!” Dis slapped my thigh and I grinned.

“Just like his brother.”

“Ohh...” Dis gave up and slumped back on her pillows.

After a bit, I gave Kili back to Dis, and she asked, “Where’s Fili?”

“In his room.”

“Can you call him?”

“Certainly. FILI!”


“You asked me to call him!”

Instantly, Fili was at the door, “Yes?”

“Come over here.”

Fili hesitantly approached and looked at me fearfully.

I lifted him up onto the bed with Dis.

“Fi, come see Kili.” Dis encouraged.

Fili looked at his new baby brother and scrunched up his nose.

“It’s a pig.”

Dis laughed, “No....He is Kili, your little brother!”

Fili looked even more disgusted, “You mean, I looked like that?”

“When you were a baby, yes.”

“Oh boy....”

Fili slowly began to get more interested with his new brother.

“He’s kind of cute when you look at him sideways.”

Dis exchanged a smile with me.

“And when you just look at him, he looks more like Father, except, more.....pig....”

I laughed, “Alright Buh, go back to your room.”


Fili jumped off the bed and ran out the door.

I sighed and turned back to Dis, “Are you sure you are alright?”

“Yes, I will be fine, There are plenty of ladies here to care for me.”

She stroked Kili’s head, “Plenty enough for all of us.”

I smiled, Dis had that one right.

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  1. "It's a pig." I laughed so hard at that moment. *sigh* Cuteness. Pure cuteness. I love it! {as you can probably already tell :D}


  2. Hahahahah! "It's a pig." Hehehehe:) I was squealing while reading this whole chapter:) I love how Fili kept poking his head into the room:) Awwww, Fili's floppy sheep=D


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