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Chapter 3: The Accident

This one is longer than the other two, just a heads up. -Saphira


The next week, we ate the last of the deer.

Aili invited me on a hunting trip. Of course, I accepted and we set off early in the morning.

Fili and Dis woke up early too see us off.

Dis of course, kept us, trying to make sure that we were prepared with all the necessary equipment.

She gave us extra coats and pulled back our hair for us.

It was annoying. We were already late.

But finally, Dis let us go.

Fili gave us hugs and Dis kissed me on the cheek and did likewise to Aili.

“Now go have some fun.” She smiled, “And be careful, Dwalin said he saw some Wargs yesterday.”

“We will Dis.” Aili gave her another kiss and we set off.

“Goodbye Father! Goodbye Uncle Thorin!” Called Fili. Then Dis shut the door.

The woods were quiet and serene in the morning light. Aili led the way to the creek and I trailed behind. Some lonely birds sang in the trees as we passed a clearing then hacked our way through the thicket.

Finally, we reached the area. There were some deer in the clearing by the creek and Aili stopped and crouched down behind a bush. I followed him and we looked at the deer, who were oblivious to our presence.

“Thorin.” Aili whispered.


He looked back at me, “I’m glad you are my brother.”

I  smiled, knowing what he meant.

Aili wasn't my true brother, but he had married Dis almost six years ago, and since that time, he had grown to be like a brother to me.

We did everything together.

He was the brother I would have wanted growing up.

He was happy, always smiling, loving to his family, and treated me like a long lost friend.

“Why say that now?” I asked.

Aili was about to answer when, suddenly, the deer pricked up their heads and bolted.

Aili stiffened and I tensed, reaching for my sword.

A low growling filled the air and out of the forest came a Warg pack.

I grimaced as Aili’s eyes grew wide.

We didn't breathe.

The Wargs didn't see us and began to pass on.

As soon as they were gone, Aili sighed and looked back at me, “Well, I’m glad that.... WARG!”

A sharp pain hit my back and something threw me over the bushes and next to the creek.

I was instantly on my feet and drawing my sword ran up the hill towards Aili, who was being attacked by a pack of Wargs.

With a savage war cry I drove my sword into the nearest Warg, then attacked the one with Aili’s leg in it’s mouth.

I scared it and it let go and fled, but another Warg instantly took it’s place.

One glance and I could tell that Aili was badly wounded.

I stood over him and waved my sword in the Warg’s faces, growling, “I dare you to come over here.”

The Wargs ran forward as one and pounced on Aili and I.

I felt a sharp pain in my gut and looking up, saw a Warg snapping its jaws at my head.

I gathered my strength and swung mightily at it. Blood spurted everywhere and the warg instantly died.

I felt a jolt and looked over to see that Aili was being dragged out of the pile by his neck.


I yelled, and with a mighty push, shoved the dead animal off me.

I stumbled after the Warg who was dragging Aili and finally caught up to him.

With a swing of my sword the Warg was dead, and I pried Aili from it’s jaws.

He was unconscious.

I growled and standing, faced the rest of the Wargs, who had tasted my blood and wanted more.


A Warg pounced at me and I threw my sword and hit it straight in the head.

It landed before me and I yanked the sword out of the dead animal.

With rage I ran yelling at the Wargs, who, not accustomed to this behavior, ran for the woods yelping.

Once I was sure they were gone I sprinted back to Aili, who was hardly breathing.

I dropped to my knees and felt his chest.

His heart was still beating.

Gingerly, I picked him up and supporting his bloody neck, walked back to the house.

Dis met me at the door.

“Thorin, what...Aili!”

She clasped her hands over her mouth when she saw him.

“Is there anywhere where I can lay him?”

“Right here. Put him down.”

I gently lay Aili on the couch as Dis ran to get some bandages and water.

Fili walked up, “Uncle Thorin...?”

“Not right now Fili.”

Dis came back with bandages and water. She knelt down next to Aili and began to take care of him, “What happened?”

“Wargs. It’s my fault really....I shouldn't have..”

“None of this is your fault.” Dis said quietly.

I kept my mouth shut.

“Can you go for the doctor?”

“I can’t leave you here.”

“You have to. Go get the doctor now.”

“Alright. Fili, take care of your mother.”

“Yes sir!” Fili beamed.

I marched out the door and walked into town.

It was busy so I asked around.

“No, sorry lad, the doctor is out.” Balin said, “What do you need the doctor for?”

“It’s Aili, he’s been injured.”

Balin contemplated this then mentioned, “You know, I think the doctor’s wife is still here, you can ask her.”

“Thank you.”

I found the doctor’s wife.

“Sorry sir, I can’t come, but I can give advice, what is his condition?”

“He’s been bit in the neck and leg.” I replied.

“Oh? Well, just bandage him up the best you can. When the doctor comes back, I’ll let you know.”

“Thank you ma’am.”

I rushed back home to find that Dis had done her very best.

Aili was still not conscious, but he was breathing easier and the bleeding had almost stopped.

Dis insisted that she clean me up as well, so she did just that.

Afterwards as she sat by Aili’s side, she admitted, “Thorin, I’m so worried! What happens if he....”

“He’s not going too.” I reassured, “The doctor will be here and everything will be fine.”

“Mother?” Fili asked from the doorway.

Dis looked up, “Yes Fi?”

“Is father going to be alright?”

“Of course!” I smiled, “Your father is strong, he will be alright!”


Fili went to Dis and sat on her lap. She had turned white.

The hours passed.

No doctor came.

Aili woke up twice but never stayed conscious to say anything.
Dis began to get more and more anxious.

She stayed by the couch and tried to sing Fili to sleep, and perhaps herself.

After a bit, she retired to the kitchen, too sad to see Ail’s face anymore.

I stayed with her and we sent Fili off to play.

After a bit, I laid my hand on Dis’s shoulder, “He’ll be alright, you will see.”

She sniffed and said nothing.

“Uncle Thorin?”

I turned, “Yes Fili?”

The little boy beamed, “Father has gone to sleep.”

Something in me died as my heart dropped.

The way Fili had said that......

“Th..That’s good Fi.” Dis said, not really listening to her son.

I swallowed, “I’ll be right back.”

I shakily entered the living room.

Aili was laying on the couch.


I walked over to him.

Aili wasn't breathing.

There was a happy smile on his face.

I shook.!!! He wasn't dead!!! HE WASN'T!!!!

I reached for him, but then held back.

A sob rose to my throat.


How would I tell Dis? Fili?

But he isn't DEAD! Part of me objected, HE CAN’T BE!

But he was.

I took a last look at his warm, smiling face and choked back tears.

Aili had always smiled.

Aili, the only friend I really ever had.

I slowly bent down and took his hand, which was already beginning to get cold.

“I....I’m glad you’re my brother too..” I whispered.

Please tell me what you think. -Saphira


  1. Oh man... that's... so sad :( Poor little Fili! And Aili, too, for course. Since he's the one who dies... anyway, yeah, that was sad but good. I love emotional stories :) I've got this weird thing about loving to read and write emotional scenes. It's also really interesting how people take one basic story line and make them so different! It's cool :) So where's Frerin?

  2. Thanks! I'm glad you like it! Same here with emotional stories.... I believe Frerin died in the battle of Moria.. -Saphira

  3. That. Is. Amazing. I love it so much! I. . . I feel so sorry for Thorin. I feel really sorry for Dis. But I feel extremely sorry for Fili and Kili. Kili never even got to meet his father. :( AILI!! NOOO!!! *small sob* I love him. And I only got to know him for three chapters.


  4. Oh. My. Soul. !!! This was amazing!!! POOR FILI! *tears*


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