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Chapter 2: Aili

Here's the next one. It's short and not very emotional, Just to introduce you to Aili better. -Saphira

The next morning, we woke and had an eventful breakfast, which included chopping up the meat of the deer, and showing Fili how to do it.

Fili was a fast learner, and caught on quickly to the technique of how to properly skin a deer.

However, he cut himself with the knife, and forgetting that he was trying to be a big boy, began to cry.

Of course, Dis came in, a look of pure shock on her face and asked, “What have you been doing to my son?”

Aili smiled, and handed Fili to her, “Oh, the usual.”

“He’s five and your teaching him how to skin a deer?!”

“He has got to learn sometime Dis.” Aili had replied as Dis sat Fili down and tended to him.

Aili distracted his son, by playing with Fili’s toys, and making them have strange voices, which brightened Fili up immediately.

After Dis had bandaged him up, Aili kissed the wound on his finger and told Fili that those were special kisses, that made all the pain go away.

Of course, he elaborated that if mother kissed it too, then it would go completely away, so Fili ran off in search of his mother, leaving Aili and I in the living room, laughing.

Then, Aili had to go to work, as he supported his family by going to the blacksmith part time.

I accompanied him, and we left Dis and Fili to go to town.

It was cold out this time of year, but not overly so.

Aili went to the blacksmith’s, and I found a corner by the shop, where I could keep an eye on him, while carving some wood at the same time.

I didn't work at the blacksmith’s because several months ago, I had almost beaten him up over something he had said about my father.

Of course, that was far behind me now, but I still preferred to watch Aili, rather than join him in work.

Aili could work metal well, as he had been doing it all his life and I enjoyed watching him.

Although he worked as a blacksmith, he didn't like it, as he preferred being outside.

But he did it anyway, as it was the only work he could find, and it supported Dis and Fili.

As he worked, and I sat on the bench by the shop, we would talk and laugh about Fili and Dis and anything else we could think of.

“I can’t believe she wants to name the baby Hogart!” Aili exclaimed as he pounded on the metal, “It’s not sensible!”

I could hardly hear him over the racket he was making.

“You could just say so!” I yelled over the noise.

“I did!” Aili yelled back, “Last night!”

“Yes, but if you insist, she might change her mind!”

“No....She wants Hogart, and the poor child will suffer for it!”

I laughed.

By mid afternoon, Aili’s work was finished.

He took his pay and we both went back home.

Fili was waiting there for us, and as soon as Aili walked though the door, he was upon him, yelling, “Father!”

Aili smiled, “There’s my big boy! How is your finger?”

I hung up my coat next to Aili’s on the rack and heavily sat down on the couch.

Fili showed his father his bandaged finger, “It doesn't even hurt!” He proclaimed proudly.

Aili grinned and said, “Good job! Next time, you can go hunting with me!”

“Yay!” Fili celebrated.

“What’s all this noise?” Dis walked into the room, and placed her hands on her hips.

“Father said I could go hunting with him!” Fili grinned.

Dis sighed and glanced at Aili, who sat down next to me.

“What?” Aili asked.

Dis sighed again, “You are not taking my son on a hunting trip.”

“Why not?”

Dis groaned, “He’s five!”

Aili smiled and said nothing.

Dis prepared a small meal for us, and we ate it at the table, reporting to Dis about what Aili had done during the day.

We took a short walk, which soon ended as Fili was getting too cold.

We all had tea when we came home, Aili sneaking extra sugar into his cup without Dis noticing.

We had roasted deer meat for dinner, which Fili took great pride in as he had helped us prepare it.

Later, as we all sat around the fire, talking late into the night, Fili fell asleep on Aili’s lap, and had to be carried to bed.

Dis and I heard Aili talking to Fili, as he put him in bed, even though his son was asleep, “Now get some rest Buh, and tomorrow, we will have all kinds of adventures with mother and Uncle Thorin, Won’t we?”

I exchanged at smile with Dis as Aili continued, “Get some good sleep. I’ll always love you, even when you are sleeping. And I will always have time for you, don’t you forget that. Even though you’ll be a big brother soon, I’ll always have time for my big boy won’t I?”

I smiled, and leaned back on the couch as Aili said one last goodnight to Fili, then came into the living room.

He sighed and leaned on Dis’s chair, “I don’t think it can get any better than this.”

I silently agreed with him.

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  1. Great Work Saphira.Looking forward to the next chapter!

  2. I like Aili:) He's a wonderful father=D Me and my sister named Fili and Kili's dad Hili. I guess everyone has an opinion on what his name was:) I do like Aili though=)


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