Thursday, June 22, 2017

Do or do not, there is no trying in baseball (writing homework)

Sam, your nerd is showing again.
I was assigned homework for the Writer's Conference I'm at in Cali, so I decided to do some of it while I'm still here. (whoop)

Homework from Tosca Lee is:
Five Unforgettable Protagonists and Five Unforgettable Villains and the qualities that make them unforgettable
(that moment when you have 'villains' on autocorrect because ya don't know words that spell :P) 

Protagonists! (yay!)

1. Bilbo
qualities: resilient, smart, calculating

2. Luke Skywalker
qualities: determination, loyalty

3. Lucy Pevensie
qualities: courage, perseverance

4. Aang
qualities: sacrificial, determination, wisdom

5. Captain America
qualities: loyalty, brave, strength

Villains (yay!)

1. Davy Jones
qualities: powerful, conniving

2. Rumplestiltskin
qualities: intellect, manipulative, powerful

3. Darth Vader
qualities: immoral, dedicated

4. The Joker
qualities: scary, immoral, crazy

5. The White Witch
qualities: manipulative, persuasive, cunning

I know there are so many more different heros and villians, but I could only choose five of each -sad-.
What are your favorite protagonists and antagonists that you see qualities in? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear about it.

Oh well, wish me luck for the next few days of conferences and such! #SoCalCWC2017
Keep Smiling! -Sam :D

Monday, June 19, 2017

Writing Things #16: Magic Making

Hey all!
Long time no see. :P
Getting ready to leave for a writer's conference in CA, so I've been busy.
This post is hopefully going to be short, but you know me. XD

Weather you believe in magic/ write about magic it is almost everywhere from superhero movies to fantasy books. This is a post I've been wanting to write about for a long time. Let's go!

Dr. Strange 


Having watched, and read some pretty exciting tales that involve magic, you can say I'm rather familiar with it. I write about magic too, and have come up with my own systems of magic use in several universes.

Magic could be classified as anything that is out of normal human means or science explanations.
(There's probabaly a better definition out there. XD)

Throwing lightning or being able to fly are two examples.

Honestly, there are so many different and creative ways magic can be used in writing, and I can't write it all down here in one post.

If you're writing about magic in a story, there are a few guidelines I've found can be helpful while making up magic.

List of things:

1. Consistency wins! 

Make up a list of rules, and then stick to it. 

I tend to like to outline my magic systems on a document, just so I can go back to it every now and then to remind myself what I'm allowed. 

i.e. this mess. XD

Think of one of your favorite magic systems (it can be your own!), and see what rules and regulations it has. It could be mental, physical, or whatever. 

One of my favorite magic systems is the magic in the Inheritance Series (surprise). The magic is based on a language, and stems from the magician's own energy. 

In the movie Dr. Strange has magic that stems from motions, spiritual energy, objects and portals. 

In Harry Potter, magic takes the forms of words, wands, potions, portals, and spells.

Be creative!! 

2. Limits 

In my opinion, it makes it far more interesting when magic users aren't as overpowered, and can break down, and have their physical lines. 

Simply put: limits. 

I especially believe in physical limits. (although the wizard could run out of potions every now and then). Magic that uses energy from the person using it is my personal favorite. 

In the Grisha Series and Inheritance Series, using magic from farther away takes more effort. 

In the Summoner Series, mana determines how powerful each spell is. 

Find some cool limits to set, and make the story more powerful by adding them. :D 

3. Something Unique

Make something that sets your magic system apart. This is my personal favorite. :D 

There are so many different forms and cool stuff you can add if you want, that it is hard to even write down. 

Things to consider: 
  1. Genetics: is magic based on genes or family. Who can become a magician? 
  2. Spells: Spoken, gestures, from books. 
  3. Telekinesis: moving things/ elements with the mind. 
  4. Portals/ other worlds: 'nough said.
  5. Superpowers: Flying, throwing lightning, breathing underwater, you get it. XD 
  6. Transmutation: Werewolves, or turning into something else. 
  7. Potions: love, healing, hair color changers, strength. How are they made? 
  8. Politics: If you are a magician, what is your position in society? 
  9. Physical: Does magic affect the body of the user? 
  10. Add something Unique: Something that isn't a big deal, but is different. In Eragon elves can change their appearance, in Harry Potter a patronus is a spirit animal you can conjure, in Narnia animals can talk. 

Above all, BE CREATIVE! :D 

And that is it for today's overdue post. -phew- 
Let me know if there is anything I missed down in the comments, or what your favorite magic system from a movie, book, or TV show is. :D 
I'd love to hear your comments! 

Hope you all have a great rest of your week, and keep smiling! 
-Saphira :) 

because I am writing....hehehehe