Monday, July 31, 2017

3 Tips For Critiquing

Sliding into the last day of July trying to get in a blog post like a boss. 

So, critiquing. It is extremely helpful to get your own writing critiqued by someone else, but how to go about critiquing other people's work? 
Fortunately, I have done both, and decided to write a post abouts it. :D 

1. Seek out people 

I have found that actively seeking out critiquing partners is a great way to get everything going. Even if it's scary to reach out, find people with similar interests and go from there. 

Starting with your writing friends is super helpful, and from there, meeting people online can be the second step to critiquing. :D Don't be afraid to share your work, it gets much better with more exposure and practice. 

(Note: I know this is kinda a given, but try to be careful with online friends and exposing them to your writing documents or whatever you have. It's good to know who you can trust with your writing, and who you can't so that nothing gets stolen.) 

2. You don't have to point out everything

If you are critiquing someone else's work, it's best to be conservative when pointing out flaws. ESPECIALLY when the document is a first draft. ;)

Chances are, the writer will have to go though the document over and over again while editing, and from personal experience, it can get a bit tiring when your critique partners critique every little thing. DX It can get overwhelming. 

You can point out grammar, spelling, plot points, and other such things that need help, but it definitely helps when you keep your points to a minimum. As the writer changes the writing, lots of things will change anyway. 

3. Encouragement goes a long way

Alongside critiquing someone else's work, it definitely is worth it to give some praise every now and then. If you find something you like (how something is worded, a character trait, or a description) say you like it to the author. 

On the receiving end, it can be relieving amidst the mounds of criticism to find a comment or a note from the critiquer that tells you how much they liked a certain thing in your writing. :D 


And that is it for this really short post. :P 
Thanks for taking the time to read, let me know if this was helpful to you! 

Keep smiling! -Saphira :) 

Friday, July 14, 2017

When you fix a plot-hole

It usually feels like this before hand:

But then you figure it out...:

And it's like HOLY CROUTONS! ALL MY PROBLEMS ARE FIXED! (pro tip from an ametuer: try not to scream in public) 


Everything is lining

On that note...wRITE IT DOWN!

If I forget this plot-fix that I've been worrying about for the past month, I'll never sleep again!

Once that's done -phew-, look it over and make sure it makes sense:

We good? Take a deep relaxing breath.

then....WRITE! (aka drop everything and do it)

Then treat yourself. You fixed that plot hole by your oneself.

Goodbye plot holes -waves- :D


Writing can be stressful sometimes, but there are moments that just make it all worth it. :D

But in general:

Keep smiling! -Saphira :)