Saturday, March 31, 2018

A few short book reviews (The Cruel Prince, Iscariot, and Foolish Hearts)

-sliding into the last day of March like I wasn't gone all month and wasn't procrastonating-

It's been awhile since I've done a review, and there were some books I liked this year that I thought would be good to do, so here I am! :P

Let me know if you read these books and if you liked them or not. I'm always up for a discussion! :D

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black
My rating: 5/10

This title and summary drew me in instantly: palace intrigues and deceptions of a faire kingdom on the brink of a civil war? Sign me up! And in some aspects, it really lived up to the hype I had given it. In others, I was sadly disappointed. The main character, Jude, wasn't relatable to me, and the 'Cruel Prince' was really more of a bully than what I had imagined. However, I did enjoy the descriptions a lot, (even though worldbuilding was a bit lax), and I really loved some of the characters (Madoc!). The pace was slow at first, but really picked up in the end. :D Would recommend if you have a strong stomach and want something different to read.

Iscariot by Tosca Lee
My rating: 9/10

I finished reading this two days before Easter weekend, and it was some of the most emotionally raw writing I have ever read. Iscariot is from the viewpoint of Judas as he experiences Jesus on earth, and ultimately betrays him. This takes creative liberties with his story, but it is in a historically accurate and interesting way. :P Iscariot is not for the weak of heart as it deals with topics of the human heart and body that some people are afraid to write about. (Can you tell that I really rocked by this? XD) It speaks truth about man's condition, and what it means to be loved by God. Recommended for sure!

Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills
My rating: 6/10

I normally don't pick up contemporary romance books like this, but it came in my Owlcrate subscription box, so I gave it a go! It is a light, heart-felt read about a girl who is in a school production, and meets some new friends and maybe even some new love. This one was super cute, and a good read if you're looking for something quick and not too deep. (fair warning: there is quite a bit of cursing and innuendos, but high school ya know?) The family aspect was refreshing, and the friendships were realistic. I would recommend if you're looking for a casual, but meaningful read! :D

That's it for today! What books have you recently read? Feel free to tell me about it in the comments!
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Hope you all have an amazing weekend!
Keep Smiling -Saphira :)

Thursday, February 22, 2018

On Publishing: Setting myself up for rejection

Hello all!
Oh man, where to begin.... :P

can relate in this moment

Context in case you are confused: I just submitted my premise for my his-fic novel to the Book Doctors in order to have it evaluated and -squeak- it was nerve-wracking. My hands are still shaking a bit. XD

In case you didn't know, NaNoWriMo has a collaboration with the Book Doctors to get manuscripts into the hands of publishers when NaNo writers want to promote their work.

I highly recommend you check it out: Pitchapalooza. :)
If you are an author, it ends Feb 28th (I know, I'm sorry I posted about it so late.), but they are open to submissions until then, so if you want to get your premise out there, here is a chance. 

Now to the subject -motions to title-, why I did this.
Simply put: I wanted to take the next step in my dream of becoming published, and I decided to start by getting used to rejection.

I'm not saying that anyone should just toss their writing out there like 'lol, I don't care, there is no chance' I'm saying that I'm going to get rejected. :P

As a writer pursuing publishing, it's going to be inevitable.
I dread the day that I will get my first rejection letter, just because I don't know if I will be ready to take it well.

So hence, I just submitted my premise (literally, just a few minutes ago), and I'm nervous as heck. XD -send halp-
There is a chance my premise will get into the top 20, mayyyybee. If not, then I will work on my premise and book some more, and get better from it.

Exhibit A: me throwing goats at my issues
That didn't really make any sense did it?

So...that was a bit of a rant. XD
(Also pro tip from a not-pro: listen to The Greatest Showman while writing the premise. Works wonders. :D) 

Also, the completed premise that I worked up (250 words in the maximum) is at the end of this post, and I think I did an ok job. :P Feel free to comment on it, or point out any spelling errors.
And let me know if you plan on writing a premise for this! I'd love to talk about it. :D

Pirate Hunter premise (yay)

In the early dawn of the 1700s, Benjamin Terrell finds himself in a twisted nightmare of an adventure: abduction by the pirates his father has been chasing for years. The Scarlet Company was a roguish band of corsairs, pirates, and buccaneers that only had existed in Benjamin’s imagination until now. When a new crew member aboard Ben’s English merchant brig is found to be a boy with a strange collar and even stranger intentions, Ben has to decide between two maxims of what he holds right, trust or justice.

Forced aboard the vessel of his enemies, he confronts an alluring lady Captain with secrets to hide, and a debonair Privateer who is out for blood -it doesn’t matter whose blood it is. Unable to rely on anyone but himself, Benjamin seeks freedom in any way he can obtain it, even if it means turning into the throat-slitting, backstabbing pirates his father taught him to hate.

When two worlds clash, will Benjamin be able to follow his duty to his father and country, or will he be bound to the pirates that he needs in order to keep his crew alive?

Set in the period of wars, cruelty, and gunpowder, ‘Pirate Hunter’ brings to life the brutally honest world of the golden age of piracy with wrenching action, intrigue, and the other side of history that is both gentile and merciless.  

Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope you all have a great rest of your month!!!
Keep Smiling! -Saphira :)